ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush Review

ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush Review

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Ever since I purchased the ELF Studio HD blush, I was in a bit of a dilemma, I had no idea how to apply it without looking like an escaped carnival artist.  The beautifully intense pigment looked beautiful but garish on my face, due to my inability to blend it properly. That’s when my blog obsession became useful and I found out about duo fibre brushes used to sheer out intense pigments. Then on, I tried to find a product that would fit in my budget and serve my purpose. Boy! Did I find it! The product I am now going to review is one of my favourite makeup brushes and I hope IMBBians like it too.




Product Description:

Use the small stipple brush to create soft layers by adding texture for a natural airbrushed result. The two layers of bristles create ultimate control from sheer to heavy coverage for small and hard to reach places. Ideal with liquid, cream or powder products, foundation, concealer, and cream blush.  Use with desired face product and dab color in a stippling motion onto the skin for concentrated color or blend in all over for a beautiful sheer and smooth coverage.

ELF Stipple Brush 4


The brush comes in a plastic pouch that can has a tucked in flap. This pouch helps keep the brush bristles in place while travelling, making a separate brush holder redundant. The packaging is travel friendly and travel proofs this brush perfectly. All information regarding this brush is printed on a silver sheet tucked and tucked into the pouch. Despite being incredibly informative, one can remove it to reduce the space taken up by the packaging.

ELF Stipple Brush 2

My Take on ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush:

A fun fact, an alternate name for this type of duo fibre brush is a skunk brush. Isn’t that cutest thing ever? Reminds me of that Looney Toons skunk that thought it was a Casanova 😛 I digress, the point is that I am completely and utterly in love with this brush. Ever since I purchased the ELF Studio HD blushes that are intensely pigmented, I was in a dilemma as to how to apply it. A normal blush brush just didn’t cut it and applying it with my fingers was out of the question. That’s when this brush came to the rescue. Retailing at $3, it is a steal and comparable to high-end products due to it’s incredible performance.

ELF Stipple Brush 5

It provides a streak-free blended sheer application of the intensely pigmented HD blushes, pigmentation can be adjusted to one’s liking.  It is a brilliant brush that surpassed my expectations, I purchased it to merely use with the HD blushes, but I now use it to apply foundation, cream blushes and even my BB cream. It is second only to the ELF Kabuki brush and only because it is smaller and takes a minute or two more for flawless application.

ELF Stipple Brush 6

It is dense and hasn’t shed a single bristle even after numerous washes. The white fibre has gotten a wee bit stained, but only because I used the HD blush one day and was too busy to wash it for a week. Alas! But it was my laziness that was at fault and not this exquisite brush.

Just to nitpick, I suppose one can say that this brush leads to product wastage due to sheering of products, but then again that’s the point. It helps in natural application by blending intensely pigmented products.

ELF Stipple Brush 7

The writing on the brush is only painted, as opposed to being engraved, and is prone to fading, but this can be remedied by a coat of transparent nail paint to ensure longevity. The matte black handle of this brush gives the feel of a high end product and is a huge pro as far as I am concerned.

Pros of ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush:

  • The packaging allows easy portability of the brush.
  • Doesn’t shed at all.
  • Coverage can be built up for higher intensity.
  • Dense.
  • Soft bristles.
  • Versatile.
  • More compact than the regular stipple brush.
  • Matte black brush handle.
  • Inexpensive.

Cons of ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush:

  • Writing on the brush isn’t engraved and can fade.
  • Can lead to wastage of product.

Honestly, the cons took almost an hour! Because essentially, there aren’t any glaring flaws in this product it’s just me nit-picking. 😉

Would I Repurchase ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush?

Hell yea1

Do I Recommend ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush?

With all my heart!

IMBB Rating:


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  1. such a nice and detailed review *clap* *clap*

    I wanted so many of these brushes from elf this time but nobody was ready to bring them from their trip *cry* *cry*

  2. hey Priyanka…. *thankyou* *thankyou* for this review….I opened ELF website in the morning and was wondering what all brushes to buy….Kabuki was for sure and I was thinking of this one too, but I do not knw how to use it *scared* …but now am sure of this one and will buy for sure *happy dance* *happy dance* ….can u suggest more brushes from ELF which I can buy..my brother will be in US for a month and i can get these delivered there…. *happydance* *happydance*

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