Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner – Black Pearl

Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner – Black Pearl

To all the makeup lovers, I have a wonderful product to review this time – “Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner – Black Pearl.”

Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner Black Pearl

This I believe is my third review of an Elizabeth Arden product.  I love the brand for its beautiful makeup and skin care range.

Black Pearl

For all the ladies who are in “LOVE” with Maybelline’s Eye Drama Artist, here is a product in total competition.  I got this as a gift from my aunt a few months back and when I got it home, I had absolutely no idea of what was inside. I wasn’t really excited because it was a very small 😛

Black Pearl

Black Pearl

Black Pearl

To my surprise, when I opened it, I realised it was a product from a brand I love, and that too a gel eyeliner.  However, when I make myself up, I always make sure that my eyes get all the attention, most of the time. So, I thought maybe because of that, my aunt sent me this.

Black Pearl

Anyway, let me tell you what I felt about it.

My Take on Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner – Black Pearl:

When I apply eyeshadow and then try to line my eyes with Maybelline’s Drama Artist, I always felt it was a little harsh and not really smooth to spread with the brush provided, especially on an eye shadow. No offence to Maybelline’s eye drama artist lovers’, because even I am one of them.

Black Pearl

Black Pearl

I got this in a shade called “Black Pearl,” which is not the plain black, but it is lighter and not as intense as black and has got lots of glitter in it. You might not like to use this shade on a daily basis because of the very obvious glitter it has in it. As rightly said, it is pearly and sometimes it might even look dark-grayish under some lights, all due to the pearly glitter in it.

Black Pearl

Coming to the texture, it is much smoother and creamier. Glides and spreads easily with the very efficient brush provided, and it is waterproof.

I love to use it for a smokey look as it is very easy to spread and the color is not pitch black.  I can use just this one alone for the smokey eyes or I sometimes pair it with some pretty eye shadows for a more beautiful smokey eye look.  So, this part of it, I love! Like I mentioned, I love dramatic eye makeup, this one so much helps me to create that, does not take much time to create the look because of its creamy formula.

Swatch 1


One issue I have is that the glitter comes onto my face after about 5-6 hours, which I don’t like.  I surely would not want to look like I have been attacked by all the glitter in the world and hence do not wear it to places where I have to stay for long hours.

Black Pearl

Since it is too creamy, it smudges a little.  It doesn’t smudge by itself, but if you happen to just give that little rub to your eyes, then you’ll ruin it.

This shade if applied just to define the eyes in a line above and below, would not be that effective because it is not too dark, not everyone would like it that way.


24$ for a net weight of 12 OZ. 3.5 g (I am not sure as it was a gift to me).

Product Description:

Smooth, long wearing color to the line and define eyes. Eyeliner Brush included. Ophthalmologist and clinically tested.


I honestly love it. It is very cute. The brush is not hard. It is easy to use and smooth. I found it much better than Maybelline’s Drama Artist Brush and I use this brush to apply most eyeliners because I am very comfortable with it.

Pros of Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner – Black Pearl:

  • Smooth, easy to apply and remove.
  • Creamy in texture and glides easily.
  • Ophthalmologist and clinically tested.
  • I love to use it for smokey eyes.
  • Waterproof.
  • It comes with a very efficient and amazingly comfortable brush.
  • Cute packaging, prettier than the product itself. 😛

Cons of Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner – Black Pearl:

  • The glitter comes on to your face as the staying power deteriorates.
  • The glitter could sting your eyes and cause trouble only if it falls into the eyes though.
  • Its super creamy formula causes a little smudging (especially of the glitter), only if rubbed.
  • The price.


I love this, keeping the glitter part aside, its a great product. Get this and you will love it absolutely. I am very happy with this, especially because I can create so much drama on my eyes using this eyeliner and by teaming it with different colors. It is all so easy and perfect.

IMBB Rating:


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    1. Yes, me hates too when the glitter comes on to the face..this is like a common prob with most eye shadows and eyeliners that have glitter! :waaa: :waaa: I just hope we get the perfect product some day! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :))

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