Emma Watson Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

Emma Watson Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

Emma Watson Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

Let me just start off by saying that I’m CRAZY about Harry Potter. I first heard of this magical universe created by Rowling when I was 15 years old and have been hooked on it and followed every book launch and every movie premier closely. I have seen their movie premier’s red carpet coverage live on the internet whenever possible and have always admired Emma Watson’s edgy fashion style. Her eye makeup for the New York premier; in July, 2011; of the last HP film made me want to faint with admiration. I fell in love with that look and have wanted to recreate it immediately! As you can see in the following images, it is just brilliant! It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea as it is an extreme look, but there is so much ethereal beauty in the colors and placing of the colors that I was captivated. (I felt a little bad for her because as you can see someone forgot to brush away the black color fall out!!!!)

Emma Watson 00

EmmaWatson 02

I did try it out then but my first attempt was sad and I never went back to try it out again. But thanks to the IMBB community, my confidence in recreating this magical look increased manifold and I wanted to give it yet another shot. I did not have gold foil with me, so I decided to go for glitter. As some of you may realize, playing with glitter makes me happy! I wanted the look to be slightly more wearable, so I decided not to take the black color so high up towards my eyebrow in the corner. So, this is not a replication of the work done by her MUA, but my interpretation of the look. I hope you all like it.

I first wanted to start by making my eyebrows dark and in sync with the intense eye look. So, I used a black pencil and dark brown powder to darken/shape my eyebrows.

EmmaWatson 03

As I would be using glitter and black color, I did not apply any below my eyes just yet but applied only some on to my eyelids and up till the brow bone.

Taking a black kohl pencil, I started marking out a shape that I wanted the black color to be in.

EmmaWatson 04

When I was satisfied with the shape, I started filling it in with the same black pencil till I was satisfied with the intensity, leaving the inner corner bare.

EmmaWatson 05

I then blended out the harsh black edges a little.

EmmaWatson 06

In the inner corner, I applied some bright gold color and blended it out but only a little as I wanted to concentrate the gold only in the inner corner. I applied the gold on both the upper and lower inner corner.

EmmaWatson 07

I then applied some liner/kohl on my waterline and the lower lash line, slightly thickly, and joined it with the black color on the upper outer corner.

EmmaWatson 08

Taking some eyelash glue on a brush, I applied a little amount of it on the outer corner.

EmmaWatson 09

I then applied and dipped the same brush in some gold glitter and patted it on to the still tacky glue.

EmmaWatson 10

I repeated applying the glue and glitter with the same brush till I was satisfied with the shape and intensity.

EmmaWatson 11

I then used some tape to stick away the glitter fall out, applied concealer, thick coats of mascara and that’s it, done!

EmmaWatson 12

EmmaWatson 13

EmmaWatson 14

With utmost modesty, I would just like to mention that this has been my favorite look that I have done on myself EVER. Creating this has been a wonderful experience and the fact that it is associated with HP makes it even more special!

I hope you all liked it and enjoy recreating it too.

Happy Makeuping girls! 🙂

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.” ― J.K. Rowling

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52 thoughts on “Emma Watson Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. I ADORE Emma and I’m a self-confessed Potterhead. I think she has a lovely sense of style and she’s so grounded and elegant unlike her counterparts in other industries that love to dress slutty and don’t know much abt good fashion. This is a really dramatic look, and I like your version too!! 🙂

    1. HIGH5 Nandini! i’m OBSESSED with HP & will continue to be so no matter what my age is 😛
      hehehehehhhe….so true about that slu-t-t-y comment! Emma is refreshingly sober yet chic with her fashion n i love it!
      n thanks!! 🙂 🙂

      1. 😀 always awesome to talk to a fellow Potterhead! Jabberwocky should comment now 😀 Harry Potter’s part of my life now!! Btw are you on Pottermore?
        Emma also models for all the classiest brands if you noticed – Chanel, Lancome, Burberry…she’s very focussed and very Hermione-like too 😀 feels studies are important and all!

  2. I like how you have used the golden glitter Nafisa, in fact, I liked your version better than Emma’s 🙂

  3. nafisa….such a wonderful finish..will i ever be able to do it??
    .me toooo love HP..reread the books once again….

    there is no ending for HP

    1. Yes u can Ginny! do try! 🙂 my first attempt was sad too, then i got the hang of it 🙂
      & love to u for being a potter fan! 🙂
      & thanku! 🙂

  4. gorgeous nafisa. Full justice done. I loved the makeup on emma as well. Also the hair are pulled back letting her eyes to totally shine through. Very pretty 🙂

    1. Thanku so much Rati! ♥ 🙂
      I really owe it to IMBB for getting the confidence to try out the looks 🙂 *hugs*
      Emma was truly styled extremely smartly n brilliantly! *drool* 😀

  5. wow! so interesting. u did such a good job.. 🙂 i was confused as to which are Emma’s eyes and which yours..

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