Essence Blush Brush Review

Essence Blush Brush

Hello everyone!

Every beauty junkie loves collecting makeup brushes no matter how many we have already in our kitty. I have never picked up any from Essence so this time I gave the Essence blush brush a chance. Let’s see how it fares for me.


Product description:

Pink is beautiful! Especially in the case of the blush brush by essence! Its soft, slanted bristles are ideal for shading or modelling your face and cheeks. Particularly the cheekbone area can be emphasized in a professional way with the blush brush. Stored safely in its practical transparent pouch, the brush is ready for action at all times.




My experience with Essence Blush Brush:

The brush comes in a transparent plastic pouch, with a colourful cardboard description page. The length of the brush is about 4”- 4.5”, with black color handle and pink-black bristles. The shape of the brush is slanted.
Starting from the packaging, the plastic pouch can always be kept handy for carrying the brush; it is easy, convenient and safe. The handle of the brush is of black color plastic with essence printed on in pink color. The length of the handle is perfect. It makes the application very easy and quick. The bristles are extremely soft and pink in color with top tips colored in pink 😀 A very colourful brush actually!! The bristles are just adequate density. The bristles pick up ideal amount of the product. The brush is excellent for blending….really very good at the job. It blends my brush so naturally. The bristles though feel very feathery soft to my cheeks but I feel like they are over soft for precise application because I have a feeling that in too much hurry, the brush spreads a bit; I mean the application doesn’t remains flawless if I am in rush. On washing, the bristles don’t shed and retain their shape on drying. So I have no complaints about it. Also, the brush dries easily.


Pros of Essence Blush Brush:

• Very soft bristles.
• Perfect length of handle.
• Travel friendly with the plastic pouch.
• Affordable.
• Doesn’t shed and bristles retain the original shape after washing.
• Easy and quick application.
• Very girly.


Cons of Essence Blush Brush:

• May be a little tricky to use for perfect blush and contouring if you are in rush.


IMBB Rating:


Recommendation and repurchase:

I have already this one so I will not be repurchasing but I surely recommend it to those who are searching for a budget friendly blush brush.

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14 thoughts on “Essence Blush Brush Review

  1. wow!!!! after reading the review i’m feeling like purchasing the brush too….. *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot* and you are correct *haan ji* we never feel that we have enough brushes and keep purchasing new ones rofl rofl

  2. Nice review sumera *thankyou* by the way lusious blush look beautiful if u dnt mind can u tell me about its blush no/name nd its pigmentation *shy*

    1. hey mona. asalamolaikum, where have you been girl. i missed your comments….you know i have a hostel companion from Multan too 🙂
      the blush is Luscious Champagne…. and the pigmentation is excellent, ideal, peachy pink with golden sheen…. (why will i mind by the way *waiting* ). i have two more from them, peach melba and coral glow. if you want swatches, you can drop an email to jomol to send me to forward you the swatches because these one’s can’t be reviewed…and *thankyou* *thankyou*

      1. Walaikum aslam, awww sorry sweety for nt commenting actually main gaoun gaey hoey thy aur gaoun main net connection ka pata to ho ga 😀 wah u got a comapny from multani 😛 haan bilkul swatches chaea lkn jomol id???? Nd thanx *puchhi*

        1. see, to send swatches i need your email ID, which you can not share here so drop an email to IMBB mail box and request jomol/neha to forward me that ID… 🙂 🙂

    1. yes Jomol. back to home after 4 hour traveling in 3 vehiles 😛 for weekend…and aatey hi IMBB….feels like back to home and life….
      *thankyou* *thankyou* and mene pink ki waja se hi buy karliya *woot*

  3. Heyy i saw this too *happy dance* *happy dance* it attracted me on the first sight but i had already got brushes *headbang* this will be my next pick *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. aww really saloni. thats good. I wanted a blush brush separately for travelling so purchased this on eleventh hour

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