10 Expensive Beauty Products Which You Can Make at Home Easily

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We skincare and makeup junkies lead a difficult life. With brands innovating new products and launching exclusive products every other day, our wallets are perpetually empty. But what if I told that some of these beauty products can be made at home. So, if you are eager to save some money, here’s the list of 10 expensive beauty products which you can make at home easily and need not purchase them from beauty stores.

Expensive Beauty Products Which You Can Make at Home Easily

1. Lip Scrub: Have you ever walked into a fancy natural beauty store and picked up a tiny tub of lip scrub? And put it back after seeing a hefty price tag? Well, you are not alone! Lip scrubs are essential for prepping lips before lipsticks and help to keep lips soft and supple. You can easily make lip scrub using brown sugar, olive oil and honey. If you want to use a flavored lip scrub, you can add vanilla extract or cocoa powder to get vanilla or chocolatey lip scrubs- all at a fraction of the price! Here’s another recipe to make a good homemade lip scrub with almond oil for soft lips.

2. Sheet masks: I know a lot of you swear by sheet masks. I personally love them for being so easy to use and for the quick results, but the price of sheet masks deters me from applying one everyday or every other day. The best solution to this is making your own sheet masks. You can buy compressed sheets in bulk and customize your own masks. You can raid your kitchen and whip up green tea, aloe vera, turmeric and coconut milk masks in a few minutes. In fact, you can check out Chayanti’s video for 4 DIY sheet mask ideas on Rati Beauty app. Here’s another way to make a nice sheet mask out of tissue paper and eggs.

3. Toner: The whole skincare regimen is based on three pillars – Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. Toning helps to deep clean the pores, remove residue of grime and makeup, shrink pores and give a tightening and hydrating effect. You can get the effects of high-end toners by concocting your own solution. You can make toners by mixing rice water, rose water and add ingredients like lemon, mint and so on. The best thing is that these toners are completely natural, free from chemicals, customizable and don’t cost a bomb.  Here’s a toner that you can make with just mint, neem, and lemon in hand.

4. Dry Shampoo: A good dry shampoo is a must have in every girl’s arsenal. Whether you are a busy bee or a lazy bum, washing your hair is a mammoth task. A dry shampoo is a savior for days when events come up on short notice and you have to look your best. While hair care giants are coming up with superb dry shampoos, you don’t need to shell out money for those. You can make your own dry shampoo by mixing corn starch powder and cacao powder and applying it with a toothbrush at the roots. The ratio of cornstarch to cacao is dependent on your hair color, if you have darker hair you can increase the cacao powder. Comb your hair well and voila! Clean, non-greasy hair is ready. Here’s a detailed recipe on how to make dry shampoo at home.

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5. Body Scrub: Who doesn’t fancy a tub of cocoa or sea salt scrub? They smell heavenly, make bathing no less than a dreamy experience and transport you to the seventh heaven of delight. But the ingredients if bought separately cost way less, and deliver better results. So you can make your body scrub mixing together sea salt, dry rose petals and aloe vera gel in summer and ground coffee, sugar and coconut oil for winters.  Try making this relaxing sea salt scrub.

6. Lip stain: If you like a subtle color on your lips and lipsticks aren’t your thing, you might be a big-time fan of lip stains. Especially with K-beauty ruling the beauty world, lip stains have become a must have makeup item. You can make an au naturale lip stain by adding beetroot extract or food coloring to glycerin or Vaseline petroleum jelly and applying it on lips. It adds a hint of reddish pink color and moisturizes your lips for long hours. Here’s how you can make cheek and lip tint with natural oils.

7. Face pack: Our traditional skincare remedies work best when it comes to treating specific concerns. Instead of splurging thousands on fancy ingredients and packaging, raid your kitchen to make different face packs that work like magic on all skin types. Whether it’s a simple lemon and honey face pack or clay masks with apple cider vinegar, you can make one for every skin problem and see your acne, dullness, blemishes fading away leaving crystal clear skin. You can also try these homemade face packs.

8. Makeup removers: Unless you have very sensitive skin that reacts to oils, there’s a high chance you are wasting money mindlessly over micellar waters and cleansing balms. We love using extra virgin cold processed coconut oil for removing makeup. A good quality coconut/olive oil can remove the toughest of makeup including waterproof mascaras and you can follow up with a face wash to get rid of the oiliness. You can also make your own makeup remover with cucumber and coconut oil like this.

9. Face exfoliators: Regular use of exfoliators can completely transform your skin. From removing tan to curing uneven tone and texture, your skin would love scrubs. But if you finish up face scrubs quickly like me, it’s an economical idea to make your own face scrub. You can make face scrub by using ingredients like coffee powder, oatmeal and salt together. This exfoliator helps in removing blackheads and whiteheads and giving you a great glow. Here’s another amazing exfoliator for smooth skin.

10. Cuticle cream/oil: Cuticle creams are a must use during manicures. They help to treat dry cuticles and make your hands healthy and supple. Instead of being lured by big brands, make your own cuticle oil or cream. You can make a cuticle cream by adding shea butter, vitamin E oil and lavender essential oil and treat your cuticles to a nourishing massage. Alternatively, you can also make a cuticle oil by mixing vitamin E oil with glycerin and lavender oil. Here’s another recipe to make cuticle scrub and cream.


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