Eyeshadow Application Tips and Techniques

Eyeshadow Application Tips and Techniques

My 100th article

Hello IMBBians,

Today is a very happy day for me because this is my 100th article for IMBB. I wholeheartedly thank the team here; Rati, Sanjeev ji, Jomol, Neha and everyone for not only the opportunity to write for IMBB but for always helping me with patience at every turn. A special mention to my dear friends, they know who they are, for encouraging me to always forge ahead in my makeup endeavors. I started doing makeup 4 years back. Before that, even in college, I hardly ever wore even kohl. I have always loved makeup but I was not serious about it. Now, the story is very different. For some makeup is an art, for some just something they think about occasionally, others might find it riveting and some few others revolting, some might think of it as a hobby and others think of it as an instant “pick-me-up.” But I view makeup as my biggest passion, every morning when I wake up, I think what can I do with makeup today.  When I’m upset, I open my makeup stash and just start experimenting with different looks. I read reviews, watch tutorials, endlessly. In my 24 hours of a day, I’m either applying makeup, looking at makeup, writing about makeup, talking about makeup or thinking about it at any given time. It is an obsession to say the least. So you can imagine a chance to write about it means the world to me. I have so much love for IMBB for letting me have this outlet to share my passion. I love anything and everything associated with makeup but as many of you may know, it is eye makeup that has a very special place in my heart. I’m always learning new techniques and always aspiring to get better with eye makeup application. I do have people asking me questions about eye makeup often, so I thought what better way to acknowledge my love for eye makeup than to answer my most frequently asked question in the form of tips and tricks.

Eyeshadow Application Tips and Techniques

Source: https://makeupandbeauty.com/peach-pink-purple-party-dress-inspired-eye-makeup-tutorial/

1. Application:

a. Initially, blending need not be a priority, application or getting the right color intensity must be. You can always blend the edges later. Over blending causes colors to get muddled, so focus on just the edges with small, sure strokes.

Eyeshadow Application Tips and Techniques

Eyeshadow Application Tips and Techniques

b. Primer is only important when you are working with very sheer colors or you have oily lids and you want to prolong the wear of the shadow or prevent creasing up. Otherwise, most good quality eyeshadows show up and stay on just as well for a decent amount of time. If you don’t have a primer but need to use one, then just dab a very small amount of concealer all over the eyelid and then pat on it small amount of your compact/powder. This helps in not only evening out the color but also acts as a very effective primer.

Source: https://makeupandbeauty.com/cleopatra-inspired-arabic-eye-makeup-tutorial/

c. To build up color, even without a primer, don’t use your brush in “windshield-wiper” motion to apply the color across the lid. Pick up some color on the brush, and pat it on, then pick up more color and pat it on again, don’t swipe, pat it in place, keep repeating this till you get desired color intensity. If you are using more than one color, first place the colors where you want them to be and later you can bother with blending their edges out.

d. The brush you use is very important for getting the desired effect with any color. The fluffier the brush, the sheerer will be the application.

Source https://makeupandbeauty.com/black-outfit-pink-gold-inspired-party-eye-makeup-tutorial/
Source https://makeupandbeauty.com/emma-watson-inspired-eye-makeup-tutorial/

2. Blending:

There are different kinds of blending, you might need to blend colors in your crease, or you may need to blend two colors that are next to each other or something else. The need of blending determines the technique used to achieve the look, such as detailed follows:
a. Two or more colors on the lids: Like I said earlier, first place the colors, then blend their edges using a small brush, you can blend by going back and forth with the smallest of stroke on the line separating the colors, so as to blur only that line.

Eyeshadow Application Tips and Techniques

Eyeshadow Application Tips and Techniques

Source: https://makeupandbeauty.com/celia-makeup-120-pro-eyeshadow-rainbow-palette-pe11-review/

b. Crease color: To diffuse color in the crease, always use the fluffiest eye brush you have. Those will give you the best effect.

Source: https://makeupandbeauty.com/pigments-eye-makeup-tutorial/
Source https://makeupandbeauty.com/quick-easy-eye-makeup-tutorial-pink-black/

3. Brushes:

The type of brush used plays a very important role in how the colors end up looking. When it comes to types of brushes, there is enough said here already about fluffy and dense brush, so I won’t repeat myself here, but I do want to mention that how we hold the brush while using it has an equally important effect to the overall look.

Eyeshadow Application Tips and Techniques

Eyeshadow Application Tips and Techniques

Source https://makeupandbeauty.com/festive-reverse-smokey-eye-makeup-tutorial/

a) When placing colors, holding the brush in the middle gives you the most control.
b) When applying eyeliner or making any lines, hold the brush like you would hold your pen while writing, that will give you the best result as it makes your hand move in the natural way it is accustomed to.
c) While blending colors in the crease or when you want a very sheer application, hold the brush at the end of its handle. This will ensure softer strokes.

4. Liner:

Hands down the question I get asked the most is – How to get even liner on both eyes. I might step out without wearing shoes one day but never will I go with my eyeliner on!

Source https://makeupandbeauty.com/years-sparkly-rainbow-eyeliner-tutorial/

Eyeshadow Application Tips and Techniques

Eyeshadow Application Tips and Techniques

a) First and foremost, what we need to remember is that our eyes are different from each other. Our liners cannot be perfectly symmetrical because our eyes themselves are not. We draw liners around the shape of our eye, our wings are in angles with the contours of our eye socket and such facts should make you believe that there is nothing like “matching-matching” liners, it’s all about having the closest match.
b) Second comes – practice, the more you practice, the easier it gets to achieve a close match between two liners.  Start with small strokes close to the lashes every time you make a stroke on one eye repeat the same on the other, when learning try to do both eyes together, you are more likely to end up with the closest match.
c) When drawing the wing, keep in mind two things – lower lash line and your brows – draw the wing like you are extending your lower line towards the end tip of your brow. No matter how asymmetrical your eyes may or may not be, the wing placement depends on its placement between these two points.
d) Then comes how thick or thin you want your liner to be, this completely depends on your personal preference and the look you are going for, so play with it!
e) Don’t pay a lot of attention to just the shape on the picture of an eyeliner you have seen online. Pay attention to how the eyeliner sits on their particular eye and adapt that to the shape of your eye to get the best result.

Source:  https://makeupandbeauty.com/intense-eyeliner-tutorial/

All said and done, these are just tips not hard and fast rules. They have come from my personal experience from applying makeup on me and my friends/colleagues/clients. Feel free to experiment, makeup for me is not about dolling myself according to the conventional beauty norms but to enhance my features in the way I want to see them, I do makeup for me first then for anyone else. It’s about being comfortable and playful and not a dictation. It’s something to have fun with. I have loads of fun with it and hope you all do too!

Eyeshadow Application Tips and Techniques

I hope this helped and until next time – Happy Makeuping!

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