Intense Eyeliner Tutorial

Intense Eyeliner Tutorial

Intense Eyeliner Tutorial

In my Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow Quad Review article, Parita had commented that I should do a tutorial on eyeliner application. So, here it is! : ) My favourite part of makeup has always been eye makeup and especially the eyeliner. I love learning new techniques of it, the thing upon which I must have spent the most time has to be practicing various eyeliner looks. Here, I present an intense Arabic eyeliner look that I usually wear for parties, weddings, etc or if the rest of the face is left bare, one could rock it even casually. It’s fairly easy, just a few runs and one would get the hang of it, I feel. Let’s get it started!

Products That I Have Used for Tutorial:

Products Used

  • Lakme Insta Eyeliner – In liquid eyeliner, I’m yet to come across one that is better than this. The brush works very well in applying the thinnest of lines possible or filling up larger areas as well. You can use any eyeliner that you are the most comfortable using, be it a felt-tip pen style or a thin angular brush.
  • Vega Eye Liner Brush – or any brush eyeliner that is very thin, fairly stiff, to unable tiny, sharp and defined edges.
  • Florelle Kajal Pencil – It is the darkest eye pencil that I have ever seen. You can use your favourite blackest black pencil.
  • Estee Lauder Magnascopic Mascara

Step 1:


First, finish off your concealer, eye shadow routine.

rati beauty ad

Step 2:


Apply a very dark eye pencil on your upper and lower line. Doing this will help you define your corners and will guide the eyeliner application, as in where to start and end your eyeliner.

Step 3:


Apply the thinnest possible line on your upper eyelid as close to lashes as you possibly can. No fancy flicks or wings need, just outline the upper shape.

Step 4:


Make a line from the upper inner to outer corner by making an arch. This arch can be as low or as high as you desire, but keep in mind that you may need to extend its width further later, so don’t make too high of an arch. Use your defined corners to understand where to start and finish your arc.

Step 5:


Fill in the space created by the arch.

Step 6:


Repeat the same as in Step 4, but for your lower lash line, again keep in mind to not make an arch that is too wise as you may need to extend this later.

Step 7:


Make sure you connect the lower arc’s end to the upper lash line’s liner.

Step 8:


As you may have guessed, fill in the lower arch.

Step 9:


Take a tiny, stiff eyeliner brush that will let you make the sharpest of lines. Dip it in your eyeliner and make sure you use the edges of your bottle to make the tip of the brush as pointed as you can (no clue why the eyeliner is appearing so grey in this image!)

Step 10:

10 A

Extend the upper inner corners liner you drew on, so that the arc’s slope that you created is further extended.

It would look something like this:

10 B

Step 11:


Repeat the same method for the lower inner corner.

Step 12:


Here, you may need to further extend the width of the lower arc to make sure that the line created at the inner corner extends perfectly.


Step 13:

Fill in the inner triangle and any gaps created due to any extensions, in both upper and lower lines.

Step 14:


Extend the lower outer corner’s line upwards; keeping the mind the shape you want your “wing” to have.

Step 15:


With a slightly curved line, join the extended corner to the upper arc.

Step 16:


Fill the gap created and if needed i.e., if you want a further winged cat-eye, then repeat step 14 and 15.

Step 17:


Fill in any gaps and to have a finer flick-line at the end of your wing, just lightly flick your brush outwards; with very little product on it and that’s it, curl your eye lashes, apply your favourite mascara and you’re done!!: )



Transformation Complete!

I hope you all liked it! : ))

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52 thoughts on “Intense Eyeliner Tutorial

  1. Wow! is all I can say… Very dramatic and intense 🙂
    I had a doubt, can people with big eyes too experiment like this with eyeliner? Coz whenever I tried liner, my mom said I looked like a big eyed bug 🙁 But maybe I can use your technique but keep the arch smaller…should try sometime. Thank you for the great tutorial 🙂

    1. Soujanya hihihihi..big eyed bug…hihihihi.. me loves eyeliner below the lower lash line too..but I have big eyes I have tried it many times and I look like chandalika :vampire: :vampire: :vampire:

      Vl try this technique and see how it looks on me..Nafisa rocks with this dramatic look… 😉 😉

      1. Ya totally, She has beautiful eyes…hey try it out and let me know, I am too lazy to experiment too…. I am in the jeans, sad T-shirt and no deck up phase 😛

        1. Soujanya, Dipti, first of all Thanku guys so much! :)) :teddy:
          n sec, u can definitely rock it no matter what the size of ur eyes is…like u mentioned, just adjust the size of that arc & how much u wing it out…with th way i showed here, u will b applyin liner on ur waterline too, so they wudnt look bigger than usual, just intensely lined…definitely giv this a go :yes: :))

  2. wow!! thank you for the mention and thanks a lot for this detailed tutorial!!! :puchhi: :puchhi: you have explained so well..i will def try someday though I am not sure if i can carry it off as well as you do :))

  3. OMG Nafisa..what a “wow” tutorial it is… :woot: ..u have alot of patience. :makeup: .very detailed review n clear pictures too…I think I will need another 5 years to do this as perfect as u thanx a million :yahoo:

  4. Really Nice… :woot: :woot: tutorial i will defiantly try this.. :yahoo: :yahoo:

    why not you added your full face picture for complete look..

    Next time plz do add it… :haanji: :haanji:

  5. Sssooollliidddd patience with your lids…Lady :haanji: Given a chance..I would draw two thick lines & create one wing while joining ’em…all in one go & viewers can curse their stars of the day.. :panda:

  6. Nafisa..

    Trust me.. I never read make up tutorials coz I am not into make up at all.. except a bit of lipsticks. But yours was so tempting that I read the whole of it.

    Thanks a lot for the detailed steps. :puchhi:

  7. That’s really I N T E N S E !!
    Awesome tutorial Nafisa…You completely nailed it !! :clap: :clap:
    It’ll take me another lifetime to apply eyeliner so beautifully 😥

  8. Loved the tutorial nafisa. I am a huge fan of intense eyeliner styles. This one is pretty awesome. Definitely copying. 😀 Although i feel i would be more comfortable with gel liners. 🙂

    1. Thanks Bidisha! :))
      This kajal is really darker than darkness :hypnotized: but if you asking where in India then I’m not sure if it is available here, but it is available very commonly in Saudi Arabia & is an Italian company so I’m presuming it can be found in Europe too. I hope you get ur hands on this, its simply the best :))

  9. wow….what amazing look!!! I nlove intense-ly made eyes….but my eyes kinda dissappear :(( ….i was surprised to rea some of the comments above who said tht eyeliner makes big eyes bigger….coz in my experience they jus do the opposite… :sidefrown:

    1. I know that it is a common conception that eyeliner makes smaller eyes appear smaller but I don’t think so, it was Wayne Goss the makeup artist? who said that eyes which are lined inside & out always look beautiful, whether they look smaller or bigger, it doesnt matter, its just that defining them brings focus to them…& i so agree with that! apply a very light shade of eyeshadow i’d suggest, if u afraid that they disappear, this way u’ll be highlighting them as well. n if the arc is kept high in th center & narrow at the corners, u giv an illusion of bigger eyes..Hope u try it out :)) I’m sure it’ll look awesome! :yes:

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