Celia Makeup 120 Pro EyeShadow Rainbow Palette – PE11 Review

Celia Makeup 120 Pro EyeShadow Rainbow Palette – PE11 Review

Hello Pretty Ladies!

Celia Makeup 120 Pro EyeShadow Rainbow Palette PE11 Review

I want to share with you all a product I found thanks to YouTube beauty gurus. BH Cosmetics, Coastal Scents are the most heard of companies when it comes to affordable palettes, but there are a few more companies out there that have similar products at a cheaper price, but lesser known. Bethany from the iwanted2c1video YouTube channel was the first person I heard of using these palettes. She creates amazing colorful looks and used to use this palette a lot from Celia Makeup. She did this video in which she compared Celia products to Coastal Scents products. When Judy (itsjudytime), who according to me is one of the most reliable beauty gurus, mentioned this company again, it really made me want to purchase it. I researched online and found out more about the Celia Makeup brand and read reviews saying it is pretty much the same as Coastal Scents.  In fact, there are some reviews which state that these palettes are manufactured at one factory and are sent to different sellers like Celia, Coastal Scents or BH Cosmetics and they brand them with their logo et al and sell them. Now, I don’t know how true that is, but I heard this on various YouTube videos too. Just search “Celia Makeup” and there are LOADS of reviews on it. Anyway, I mentioned this palette to my sister who lives in the US and told her how sceptical I am about ordering something online here in India if they don’t have Cash-on-Delivery and the sweetheart my sister is, she went ahead and ordered this palette in US and sent it to India. Now that I finally have this, I really feel it has been a fabulous find!

Celia 02

The only way to order products from Celia is through their ebay seller account.  There are a lot of variants for 120 palettes offered by Celia and a lot of sellers too.  The packaging by Celia Makeup is highly raved about and I can vouch for that. Multiple layers of bubble wrap both inside and outside the package ensured that every color was safe and intact. I could not find an ingredient list for this palette which is a shame but the seller did provide with some other general info:

  • Experiment with so many different colours.
  • The colors are very pigmented and vibrant, mixing of matte and satin with slight shimmer.
  • Shadows are creamy and blend very easily.
  • Condition -Factory Sealed/100% New.
  • Case – Black glossy case.
  • Size of the Palette, 230 × 150 mm.
  • Diameter of each Eye Shadow 17 mm.


Weight 90 g.

Gross Weight – 550 g.


$ 24.99 (~ Rs. 1400)

It comes in a very sturdy, basic black case with no logo, design or words on it except for the P120-1# written on its back. Once you open it, you see only one tray of eye shadow. There is a red ribbon on the side of it which will help one separate the 2 trays.

Celia 03

Celia 04

The 2 trays are stacked on top of each other, which is a real pain when it comes to opening and closing the palettes to use.  I have to use that red ribbon to separate the palettes and then remove them entirely from their case and then put them back inside once done using. It is very inconvenient.  I wish they provided another, more practical and functional way of separating the trays, perhaps a way to slide one tray out and then slide it back in.

Celia 05

Aside from the impractical stacking, there is nothing else wrong with this palette; in fact the pros outweigh the cons. The colors are beautiful! There are some very bright colors in here that I don’t know where else I could find. In fact the bright colors in this palette are often compared to Sugarpill Cosmetics unique colors.

Celia 06

Celia 07

Celia 08

The following picture was taken to show the size of each color’s pan in comparison to a Coastal Scents Hot Pot (a CS Hot Pot is the same size as a MAC eyeshadow).

Celia 09

The shimmery colors in this palette are my personal favourites. They are so gorgeously pigmented, a pure delight to work with. The overall pigmentation is superb for such an “affordable” palette and all textures are very smooth and blendable. Check out the swacthes of the shimmery purple and light blue below, don’t you just love them!

Celia 10

There are a few marbled colors provided but I don’t see what benefit or specialty they are supposed to offer. Swatching them gives just a mono-chromatic effect. I was hoping for some duo-chrome effect but it is not at all that visible.

Celia 11

But other than that, each and every color in this palette is unique and pigmented. Overall, for a price of nearly Rs. 1400, this is a very good find and I’m glad for the day I stumbled upon this colorful palette.

Pros of Celia Makeup 120 Pro EyeShadow Rainbow Palette – PE11:

  • A wide variety of colors, 120 of them!
  • Different finishes and textures provided.
  • Smooth colors, easily blendable.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Versatile, one can create innumerable looks.
  • Very affordable.
  • Great quality for the price.
  • The shimmery colors are just too beautiful and unique.

Cons of Celia Makeup 120 Pro EyeShadow Rainbow Palette – PE11:

  • The way the trays are kept in the palette make it cumbersome to use!
  • Available only online.

IMBB Rating:

4/5 , I deduct a point only because of the awkward handling of the trays, I seriously am considering de-potting the whole thing.

Celia 12

Other than that, I highly recommend this palette for anyone who loves to play with colors or for beginners.  I think just a few words would not do justice to the wonderfully pigmented colors and the ease of blendability, so I thought I will include a tutorial using only this palette inspired by the colors of Sunset – Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Pruple and Blue.

Step 1:

Celia 13

After priming and prepping the eyes, I applied a bright yellow on the inner 1/3rd of the eye.

Step 2:

Celia 14

I then applied a bright orange to the middle third. I did not bother with blending them all out just yet.

Step 3:

Celia 15

Then, comes a bright red on the outer corner.

Step 4:

I then started to blend the colors carefully, so as not to overblend and lose the distinct bright colors. I had to pick up the colors again once or twice while blending them out. The colors are of a good quality so blending them out is very easy.

Step 5:

Celia 16

I then placed a bright purple on the outer crease area, blending it carefully with the red and orange.

Step 6:

Celia 17

I applied a bright pink on the inner crease.

Step 7:

Celia 18

Blend, blend and blend till the colors in the crease are as light as possible yet visible.

Step 8:

Celia 19

I placed a bright gold shimmery gold on the inner corner and a light gold on the brow bone. I also used the same yellow, orange and red to mirror previous placement of the colors on the lower lash line.

Step 9:

Celia 20

I then chose a dark blue liquid eye liner for creating a slightly winged liner and a dark blue pencil on the water line and my sunset inspired look is complete!

Thank you for your time ladies and I hope this helped shed light on a lesser known palette that does deserve some time in the spotlight!

Celia 21

Celia 22

Happy Colorful Makeuping!

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45 thoughts on “Celia Makeup 120 Pro EyeShadow Rainbow Palette – PE11 Review


    1. Thanks 🙂
      for the waterline, I think the trick is in using only the amount of product one needs, its so tempting to just rub,rub,rub n rub to get a richer color but th more color u apply, th more is th chance it slides off..setting it with a similar color powder also helps & i also powder below on my lash line very well…hope this helps 🙂

  2. the palette looks good… but i’m loving the tutorial Nafisa… you’ve done it so well, and all the colors are complementing each other nicely! sometimes when you have so many colors at hand, deciding the color combination can be difficult,, but you’ve really done a good job!

    1. Thanku so much Ritu !! 🙂 🙂
      i just love playing with colors, n i really feel if th colors r blended well, v can pair any combo of colors 😀

    1. Aww! thanks Supriya 🙂 practice made me better at it i guess 🙂 dr was a time wen i stayed away from it as well 🙂

  3. Lovely tute Nafisa! This palette looks so similar to the CS 88 palettes isnt it – it might be true they are manufactured in the same place!

  4. Hey it’s really awesome yaar..I wana get d one but if it’s available out of India it’s a bit difficult for me..please help as I need it soon…

    1. u can get it while in India as well, u will have to search for the seller “celia-makeup” on ebay & buy from that seller 🙂

  5. love the way you’ve applied the eyeliner and beautiful EOTD Nafisa…also i agree all these palettes are made at one factory in china and then shipped to rest of retailers like BH and CS 🙂

    1. thanku Parita 🙂 🙂 🙂 they sure do feel the same, i have that 88 warm from CS & then this…they r sooooo similar in thr formulation n feel!

    1. Thanks Hana 🙂 will do so surely 🙂 any requests do let me know 🙂 i sometimes blank out thinkin wat shud i do or wat wud u guys lik, so pls feel free to suggest some looks 🙂

  6. hii nafisa thanks for the tutorial and info..the palette is really beautiful and a value for money…any idea about any particular store in US where it can be purchased??tc

    1. most welcome Swapnil 🙂
      i do not know of stores in US that may sell these exact palettes. u can order a similar 1 online from “Coastal Scents” which r based in US. or the brand “The Color Institute” at Kohl’s, “Jemma Kidd”, “e.l.f.” or “Pixi” at Target stores will have some cheaper palettes with multiple colors but they will be different from these “Celia” or “CS” palettes .. hope this helped 🙂

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