16 Fabulous Tips to Maintain Gorgeous Happy Hair

Hair fall, dandruff, frizzy hair, greasy hair – the list of haircare woes is just endless! Following a few basic tips will ensure that your hair remains healthy and gorgeous always. In this post, we have listed out 16 Fabulous Tips to Maintain Gorgeous Happy Hair.

Fabulous Tips To Maintain Gorgeous Happy Hair

a) Massage your hair at least twice a week in a relaxing manner. It promotes blood circulation.

b) Almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil are good for conditioning of the hair. It will lead to extra smooth and healthy hair. Go for ‘hot oil massage’ which means heating the oil every time before massaging. This will further enhance the absorption of oil in the scalp and will give you the benefits of a spa at home.

c) Eat a well balanced diet comprising fresh fruits, green veggies, carrots, nuts, whole grains etc. This will naturally add life to your hair.

d) Have regular hair spa done (at least once a month) to pamper your hair.

e) Don’t have time to wash your hair? Sprinkle some talc into the roots of your hair to absorb the oil. This will give you an extra day of clean hair.

f) Do not use metallic or sharp tooth combs. This will lead to more breakage.

g) Hair serums are a must have (I personally use the L’Oreal one).

h) Sleep on a satin pillow to reduce frizz.

i) Never rub your hair harshly after a wash. Just pat and squeeze with a towel and allow them to dry naturally.

j) Opt for more natural hair products and avoid coloring as much as you can. Hair colors and bleaches often make your hair turn grey.

k) MOST IMPORTANT TIP: You can naturally make your hair turn extra black in color by using amla products- hair oil, shampoo, amla containing eatables. Similarly if you want brown or brownish golden hair, go for mustard oil. I myself have got my hair turned goldenish brown hair by regular use of it.

l) After a hair wash, rinse your hair with a glass of water containing 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. This will make you hair smoother and shinier, though I would suggest you to not to do it in winters as you may catch cold.

m) When you sleep with oil on your hair, do plate them (depending on the length). On other days leave them open.

n) Get your hair trimmed every 3-4 months. This will help your hair to shed dry lifeless ends and attain a healthier state.

o) Invest in a good shampoo in accordance with your hair type and rinse your hair thoroughly. (Don’t forget to read shampoo reviews on imbb 😉 )

p) Last but not the least; do not tie your hair tight. Let them breath.

Follow these tips religiously to get rupunzel like hair.
I hope the length of my hair inspires you to follow these tips. (You will be surprised to know that I had blunt cut hair four years back 😉 )


Thank you so much guys, for your lovely comments on my ootds. Imbb has given me so much love.
Until next time stay in style.

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64 thoughts on “16 Fabulous Tips to Maintain Gorgeous Happy Hair

  1. WOW!!!!!
    U have such beautiful hair..
    Thanks for sharing the tips..
    M too on a hair growth spree. Will definitely try out these 🙂

  2. sahiba awesome hair…n ur sooo pretty… nazar naa lage 🙂
    me too have thick healthy hair (touchwood) which grows slowly… my tips r…do not trim off healthy growth…once a month search n destroy only split ends… or u will never hv long hair…
    shampoo acc to how much u exactly need n dliute shampoo….
    take a multivitamin…
    dont go for impulsive haircuts
    thank u… u have inspired me to grow hair longer 😉

      1. even i cannot get my hair cut… i am a bit possessive for them.. hehe… even if i have to get the trimming done, i cry looking at the strands lying on the floor… literally.. 🙂 😉

    1. they were curly in childhood.. became wavy as i grew up… 2-3 years back, i got them smoothened and now they are naturally like this… 🙂 🙂 n long hair mantra i have already mentioned.. surely you will have one day dear if you care for them… 🙂 🙂

      1. Sahiba,

        Thanks for posting such awesome tips. I have curly hair and wanted to try hair smoothening.. Does it cause any hairfall? and which one did u go for?

        1. hi twinkle, i went for loreal one… but to be honest it did cause hairfall… a friend of mine who went for schwarzkopf did not face any hairfall. basically you have to be sure whether the parlour people are treating you with original products or not… best would be if you go for original loreal or schwrazkopf parlour rather than going for normal parlours who keep these products without having the franchisee. have your hair checked from them if they are fit for smoothening and have regular hair spas thereafter. hope you are satisfied with the info. 🙂 🙂

  3. My secret for silky and smooth hair is Coconut & Ricemilk Hot Oil. Since childhood I have heard this basic mantra that you must oil your hair daily. And oiling with this particular product is amazing and perfect.

    1. thanks for sharing shruti… will definitely try… 🙂 does this combination come in market as it is or you make it yourself at home?

  4. Wow miss pretty hair…really, you have beautiful long hair…hayye nazar naa lagg jae meri 😛
    I had a tough time in growing my hair from the shortest bob cut to this length in 2 years…I can understand the mehnat it takes :))
    I used just oil my hair I guess I should note down some pointers from here and give my hair some love 😀

    1. Ohoo this length se I meant the length which you can see in my OOTDs hihihi..it will take me a decade to have hair as long as yours 😀

      1. hehe… decade?? your hair length suits you a lot… n thankyou for your warm coments always ankita.. nai lagegi apki nazar… 😛 🙂 🙂 :*

  5. i LOVE your hair…. that is my dream lenght… i want to grow my hair, but i always end up cutting them……. but nice tips hun…. ill have to try some of these!!!!!! 🙂

    1. thanx mansi.. 🙂 n yes when you will start feeling my kind of pain while having the hair cut is when you will start seeing your hair grow dear… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. I would love to use amla to make my hair more blacker, but the main problem here is we dont get
    indian products on the island

  7. thanks for these lovely tips. u got b-e-a-u-tiful hair…..only one question, is mustard oil good for oily scalp? i use amla oil and wanna try it

    1. thankyou so much arshita.. I am not sure whether it is good for oily scalp or not because me and all my family members have dry scalp. you can try it once. hope for the best dear.. 🙂

  8. Great tips, Sahiba! And whoa your hair is super-long! Love that about it! 🙂
    Tell me more about the mustard oil turning your hair goldenish-brown, please 😀 I would like to try it too. All I read around are ways to make hair blacker which I don’t want. I want to make my hair a bit lighter, while not actually light.
    I like the color of your hair, actually. Something similar is what I’m going for.

      1. thanks samantha.. 🙂 mustard oil is easily available on any supermarket or kriyana shops…
        i originally had black hair. once, a female working at the lakme saloon adviced me to boil methi seeds in mustard oil, separate the oil and store and use this oil every time before wash. i used it religiously and over the time my hair color turned golden brown naturally. if you want me to do a DO IT YOURSELF post on preparing this oil, i can do that for you. but the key is to religiously use this oil.

            1. yes varsha we have to compromise in terms of smell with mustard oil… but the one hour smell or the golden brown hair? option to choose karna padega dear… 😛 😛

    1. good going girl… i am sure if you keep at it you will reach your goal in terms of hair length… 🙂 🙂 n thanks dear 🙂

  9. hyyyyyyyyy sahiba osum post n ur hair mashaallha madly in luv wd dem…………….gve me sum tips as i hv split end n i want long n thk hair plzzzzzz help me out………………

    1. hey saim…. thank you so much for the lovely comment dear… whenever you have split ends, go for split end removal instead of trimming… or on a sunny day stand outdoors and look for split ends- they are very clearly visible in sun, and chop them off yourself with scissors. for long hair apart from these tips the mustard oil tip that i have mentioned in the comments above works. for thick hair use olive oil. it will increase the no. of strands and thereby thickness. vaise i will be doing a do it yourself post on these two oils soon… 🙂

  10. awesome tips Sahiba. Your hair is gorgeous. Though I am more in favour of heathy hair Vs Long hair, if you can get both and like the style then why not!! 🙂 your tips are extremely useful. I should invest in a satin pillow cover now 🙂

    1. you are welcome saim… i was sharing my personal experience… like when i have to get rid of split ends, i go outdoors i.e. in actual day light/sunlight so that the split ends are more than clearly visible. take a small scissor and mirror(if necessary) and chop them off one by one.
      another option is to have split end removal at your preferable saloon. 🙂

  11. You have lovely hair! N loved all your tips most of which i try to follow with good results. I am not too crazy about length though, I had long hair for so many years that I finally got sick of it and chopped it off till my ears! 😉 Now my hair is couple of inches below my shoulder and its the length I can deal with comfortably. Hubby also hates long hair (he secretly prefers me having a bob!) so my current length is acceptable to both of us. Thanks for the post and keep more of them coming!

    1. thank you preeti.. 🙂 and obviously hair length should be according to personal preference.. 🙂 and ahhh.. we girls always want a change.. 😉 😉

  12. Hi sahi ba. . U surely have pretty pretty hair I love them and u too are very cute
    I had also undergone a smoothening process last year n the product used was Sebastian ! My hair became super soft with very less hairfall. ..but it’s all gone now…@ now i was thinking of getting my hair permanently straight. Can you suguest me if I should do so or not.I have naturally wavy hair & my hair are not so thick not so thin. Pls help

  13. Can anyone give me some tips to make my hair grow fast and my hair are too thin which cut’s out the volume of my hair….. Apart from that my hair are good silky smooth shiny and if I don’t forget to mention that my hair hate chemicals 😉 they love to be natural I want to increase length of my hair from past 3 yrs and they have hardly grown 3 to 4 inches in these past three years……..which makes me cry and scream….please help me guys

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