Fem Dual Care Hair Remover Review

Fem Dual Care Hair Remover Review

Hi Friends,

This time, I will be reviewing Fem Dual Care Hair Remover which consists of a hair removal cream and a pH restoring lotion. For hair removal, I mostly opt for waxing and sometimes I go for creams or shaving depending on the situation. I have never had any reactions with any of these techniques (touchwood!). I love the idea of online shopping and I really want to thank the person who started this trend. This was one of my purchases online, so let’s see how this fared.



Price: 45 INR for hair remover cream-40g, two pH restoring sachets-10g, gentle care spatula, and instructions leaflet.


Water, steareth 2, liquid paraffin, sodium hydroide, calcium hydroxide, thioglycollic acid, urea, sorbitol, sodium silicate, titanium dioxide, avocado oil, CI 77491.

Fem Hair Remover Cream 2

Directions For Use:

A patch test is recommended for first time users. Avoid Contact With Eyes.

Step 1: Apply Fem Hair Removal Cream evenly using the enclosed spatula. Do not rub in.

Step 2: Leave cream on skin for 8 minutes. To remove stubborn hair, leave for maximum of 10 minutes. Do not exceed 10 minutes.
Step 3: Remove cream with the spatula and see your unwanted hair come off immediately. Rinse skin thoroughly with plain water and pat dry.
Step 4: Gently massage the pH restoring lotion onto the area of skin from where hair has been removed. Your skin instantly feels cool, soothed and moisturized.

Fem Hair Remover Cream 3

My Experience with Fem Dual Care Hair Remover:

It is a white colored cream and it is neither too thick nor too runny in consistency and easy to spread with the spatula. As per the instructions, you need to keep the cream for 8 minutes and cannot exceed more than 10 minutes and I did just that and got good results as expected from any normal hair removal cream. I did not feel any itching or burning sensation with the cream. I have used different creams for hair removal and this is the only cream which does not have a weird smell, rather it has a floral smell.

Fem Hair Remover Cream 4

After rinsing, massage the skin with the pink colored pH restoring lotion, which is provided in order to restore the pH of our skin. I did feel a cooling sensation for a few seconds after applying it and my skin was soft and moisturized.

Fem Hair Remover Cream 5

Pros of Fem Dual Care Hair Remover:

  • Easy hair removal method.
  • No skin reactions.
  • Nice floral fragrance.
  • Skin becomes soft and moisturized with the lotion.

Cons of Fem Dual Care Hair Remover:

  • Time taken for hair removal is quite longer compared to other alternatives.
  • The list of chemicals in the ingredients.

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Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Fem Dual Care Hair Remover?

Yes, I prefer waxing or shaving over using creams just because of the chemicals present in the cream, but creams do come in handy at times, so I would repurchase and recommend.

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11 thoughts on “Fem Dual Care Hair Remover Review

  1. i tried this…. and happy with results… *oye balle* *oye balle*
    i spclly loved their lotion it smells sooo gud *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. this one is for normal skin saloni, they have other variants as well *haan ji* u can definitely go with it when u finish urs 😛 😛 😛 *puchhi*

  2. Hello Naaz….
    Good review. I too have tried these creams and they are good for emergency situations but in the long run these creams leave the skin tanned and I feel waxing is a better option anytime. *pompom*

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