Fem Herbal Creme Bleach Review

Fem Herbal Creme Bleach

Hey Girls, In this article, I am going to review Fem Herbal Creme Bleach.  I have always been a water baby as I love swimming. I need to swim at least 5 times a week and during this summer vacations, I have tanned badly on my hands due to which my skin turned sensitive as the gymkhana I visit does not allow the use of sunscreen in the swimming pool. I was desperate to bleach and this bleach claimed to be herbal. So, I thought I will give it a try.

Fem Herbal creme bleach
This bleach is herbal and is recommended for sensitive skin. It comes with a Herbal Crème Bleach (base), Activator powder, Pre- Bleach cream, Post- Bleach cream, Application Guide and a Spatula.

Price and Quantity:

Rupees 40/-  for 15 g (for one use).

What Fem Herbal Creme Bleach Claims:
Natural and safe, fem herbal Bleach is a blend of nature’s best, suits sensitive skin. It contains 16 precious herbs, which make the Kumkumadi Tailam, a proven ancient Ayurvedic formulation for fairness.

The set of the bleach provided:


My Experience with Fem Herbal Creme Bleach:

After using this bleach for the first time on my hands, I saw no significant change in the tan on my hands. After a month, I bought another pack and used it again on my hands, and as some of the bleach was left and I did not want to waste that, I applied it onto my face. Again, I saw no change in the tan on my hands, not even a bit.  It was so disappointing while my face was slightly irritated and looked ghastly white.  I was so scared. Soon, I applied the post-bleach cream and everything seemed better.

After an hour, the irritation on the skin was gone and looked normal and skin looked soft and slightly fair, which lasted for less than 3-4 hours. This contradicting behaviour of the bleach has really confused me.  This bleach is too mild for any skin type, even for the sensitive skin.

The Bleach and the Activator Powder:

bleach cream

Using this bleach on the face may benefit you for a few hours, but using this on other body parts such as feet, hands, legs, back, is a complete waste. The pre-bleach cream and post-bleach cream are very nice with a mild fragrance. The post-bleach cream gives an icy cool feeling which helps in relaxing the irritated skin, also the quantity provided is very good. I wanted to give a “before and after image,” but as there was no difference in the tan, it was not possible for me to give one.

What I Like about Fem Herbal Creme Bleach:

1) Mild, does not harm sensitive skin.
2) The quality and quantity of the pre-bleach cream and post-bleach cream is very good. You will not run out of these creams.
3) Herbal product.

What I Dislike about Fem Herbal Creme Bleach:

1) Not satisfying at all, very disappointing.
2) Only works on the face (where there are more pores) and not on other body parts.
3) Only option for sensitive skin type.
4) The kumkumadi oil is present in the activator crystals, I would prefer to see it in the crème bleach base.
5) Seems to me as if this product was made just for the sake of making a product for sensitive skin, so that they will achieve more users on the pretext of calling it herbal.


This is one product I will never purchase again. I regret it, but this is mild, actually too mild. Very sensitive skin type people will find using this comfortable.


2.5/5. One mark for the pre-bleach cream and one mark for the post-bleach cream and 0.5 for its mildness.

Happy Diwali!!! May you have a prosperous year. Avoid bursting and burning crackers, they harm the environment and scare the pets and birds in the vicinity. It is the festival of lights and not noise. Have a safe Diwali.

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16 thoughts on “Fem Herbal Creme Bleach Review

  1. i like this blech karishma. It works well for my face. 🙂 i agree if i have to bleach my back or something it dsnt work that well. :(( bt this is the mildest blech i have tried so far and i like it. :)) very balanced review. 🙂

    1. Thanks Rati.. 🙂 I agree its only good for the face.. the good thing is that its mild.. atleast it doesnt burn the skin!! this is the only bleach i have tried so far.. looking forward to try oxybleach.. read the review and the comments it seems to be great.. :yahoo:

  2. I have one question about bleach. Does it actually lighten your skin itself, or just lightens dark hair and thus makes it look like the skin has been made lighter?
    I don’t use bleach, so I am curious! 😛

  3. I have the same query as Samantha’s. How exactly does a bleach work? I always assumed that its “lightening” properties came from turning the facial hair all golden-ish and had no effect per se on the skin complexion. And if it indeed lightens facial hair, how long does it last? Also, does it look weird to have golden hair on face?

    1. jw, your logic is correct.

      actually black hair on face kinda look weird so when you lighten them up they look less obvious on face. and you have to be careful about facial hair not getting too goldenish.. i guess after you have bleached a few times you kinda get to know how much suits you. I bleach once in two months but actually it depends frm person to person. 🙂

    2. it does turn your hair goldenish that lasts for few weeks.. but doesnt lighten the skin.. thats wat golden hair all over the face looks ugly.. it has a temporary effect on skin

  4. Is it harmful to face ? Because i used golden bleach , next day i got pimple due to high chemical in the cream :preen: :jalwa:

  5. I agree with Rati. This is a very mild bleach that I hv come across, especially made for sensitive skin. U shd be happy thr is something for such ppl! Otherwise earlier version of std fem bleach used to burn me.
    I hv a sensitive & combination dry skin & no bleach has ever suited me. But with this I felt safe.
    it gave visible fairness to my skin. Even my mum liked it.
    I didnt dry out my skin
    no burns
    soft & glowy skin
    I really liked it. Other than this only Ayur Satin Bleach with Rose has suited me.

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