Forest Essentials Japapatti and Brahmi Hair Cleanser Review

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Hope you all are doing great! I recently picked up following hair care products from Forest Essentials: Hair Cleanser Japapatti and Brahmi, Hair Cleanser Bhringraj and Shikakai, and Hair Thickening Spray Bhringraj and Shikakai. So let’s start with my today’s review, which is about Forest Essentials Japapatti and Brahmi Hair Cleanser. It’s a hair cleanser for dry, brittle and chemically treated hair. My chemically treated hair and scalp tend to become dry and unruly in this extremely cold and dry weather. I also get dandruff issues during winters. This new range of hair products, recently launched by Forest Essentials, was an answer to my prayers. To know more about this hair cleanser in detail, kindly continue reading.

Price: INR 1175 for 200 ml
Product Description:
The ultimate remedy for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. This hair cleanser is enriched with hibiscus flower infusion and brahmi extract which rejuvenate the scalp, deeply nourish the hair and restrict hair fall. Nagarmotha and extracts prevent hair loss, premature greying and maintains natural hair colour.
How to Use:
Take a small amount and massage into wet hair. Rinse well. Use once again if required.
Follow with conditioner.
The papaya coloured, semi-thick shampoo comes packaged in a 200 ml sturdy plastic bottle. The bottle has a golden coloured screw on cap. This bottle has an inner plastic cap with a small outlet for pouring the hair cleanser out. This outlet controls the flow of the product and hence avoids any wastage or spillage. This bottle has a sea green coloured label which has product and company name mentioned. Other details are mentioned on the reverse side. This bottle came in an additional plastic wrapping as well. The packaging is travel-friendly even though it carries 200 ml of the product.

My Experience with Forest Essentials Japapatti and Brahmi Hair Cleanser:

I have used Forest Essentials hair oils and shampoos in the past as well. This winter, even after using a hair oil twice a week, washing my hair with natural etc, I had dry unruly hair, dandruff issues and itchy scalp. The main reason could be skipping the hair conditioner and using hot water for hair bath. But guys, it’s very cold here. As I was alternating between shampoos and serums to check what was wrong, I came across this newly launched. I picked it up without any second thoughts and decided to experiment.

Despite the high price, I like Forest Essentials products because they are prepared using natural and organic ingredients and processes. Secondly, this hair cleanser has japapatti and brahmi – age old remedies known for maintaining a healthy scalp and strong black hair. Brahmi nourishes the scalp, aids the healthy growth of hair and strengthens the roots. It also prevents the occurrence of dandruff by reducing scalp itchiness and lessening the formation of flakes. Hibiscus flower and japapatti leaves are beneficial for thickening the hair, aid hair growth and restore shine. Nagarmotha extracts prevent hair loss, premature greying and maintain natural hair colour. I first apply a bhringraj hair oil and then wash my hair with this cleanser.

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After my first hair wash the results were good. I did not feel the need to use a serum, even after skipping the conditioner. Itchiness and dandruff also reduced but did not vanish completely. It takes regular usage of the product to completely get rid of dandruff issues. However, on the third day of hair wash, my hair felt a bit dry and unruly and I felt the need to use a hair serum to control it. Regular and continuous usage of this hair cleanser gives long-term and lasting benefits. This hair cleanser gives volume and density to my thin, fragile and damaged hair. It also helps control the unruly look, so no more itchy scalp and relief from dandruff to some extent.

I have not seen any extraordinary shine, but of course, after washing my hair with this hair cleanser, I do not feel the need to use a serum at least for the first two days. My scalp feels clean and relaxed – no itching, no flakes. It is a good remedy for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. Frequent usage results in hair thickening, adds volume and rejuvenates the scalp and my hair does not feel frizzy or unruly.

Pros of Forest Essentials Japapatti and Brahmi Hair Cleanser:

• Great for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair.
• Made with herbal ingredients like brahmi, hibiscus flower and japapatti extracts.
• Nourishes the scalp and maintains its health.
• Prevents premature greying.
• Starts controlling dandruff from the very first use.
• Adds volume and smoothes my hair.
• Tames my unruly hair, for at least for first two days.

Cons of Forest Essentials Japapatti and Brahmi Hair Cleanser:

• Does not get rid of dandruff completely, but definitely helps control it.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Forest Essentials Japapatti and Brahmi Hair Cleanser?
Yes to both!

Thanks and cheers!

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