Forever 21 Exfoliating Gloves Review

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In winters we have to exfoliate our body to remove dry skin cells. And when you have these super cute and effective gloves to exfoliate your skin, shower sessions become super enjoyable. So this review is about Forever 21 Exfoliating Gloves. Let’s get into the details.


Price: INR 129
Product Description:
Gently exfoliates your skin to remove dead skin cells and other impurities
Improves circulation for a youthful glowing skin.

My Experience with Forever 21 Exfoliating Gloves:

These gloves come in a nice clear silver pouch packaging. They offer a few shades in this range but, as a pink lover, I picked up this super cute and bright neon pink shade. One pouch contains two gloves and they look like normal gloves with 5 separate finger hole. These gloves are nice, medium size and fit perfectly on my hands. This is a stretchable material and can adjust on any hand size. This is made of nylon but feels quite comfortable on the hands. Also, the elastic is quite nice and comfortable.


I can easily move my hands and fingers, and the gloves never feel tight. I can work freely with these gloves on. Obviously, I need to hold my shower gel or shower bar with these gloves on and doing that is quite comfortable. Basically, these gloves are specially designed to exfoliate skin during the shower. I usually wet the gloves first with normal water and then pour my shower gel on them.


A good amount of lather gets created when I rub my palms together. But these gloves require a little extra product than a usual loofah. You can also use your soap and crate foam to cleanse your skin. After creating generous lather, I gently massage my hand on the body and then the gloves do their job perfectly to exfoliate the skin.


These gloves have a gentle yet rough texture which is actually needed for scrubbing. Here rough doesn’t mean that it is harsh on the skin but it is not smooth either. This texture helps to cleanse the skin deeply and removes all dirt and dead skin cells. These gloves feel very comfortable on the skin and they smoothly cleanse everything. They remove the rough texture of the skin and makes the skin super smooth and soft. My skin looks bright and perfectly cleansed.


These gloves can easily make my rough elbows and knees smooth. I don’t need to put extra efforts; a normal massage can complete this job nicely and provide me with a fresh, supple skin. These gloves work very quickly and I can easily reach all parts of my body. So I really enjoy this product as it makes my shower experience lovely.


Overall, this super affordable product helps to achieve a smooth, soft and cleaned body without any extra efforts. But please do not use it daily as it cannot replace your loofah. Just use these 2-3 times for best results.


Pros of Forever 21 Exfoliating Gloves:

• Cute looking gloves.
• Fit well.
• Affordable.
• Stretchable nylon material is good for everyone.
• Good texture to exfoliate the skin.
• Nice and comfortable.
• Not harsh on the skin.
• Gently cleanse and deeply remove all dirt.
• Make skin super smooth, soft and supple.
• Easy to use.
• Can easily reach any body part.

Cons of Forever 21 Exfoliating Gloves:

• Takes time to dry.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Forever 21 Exfoliating Gloves?
Yes to both.

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  1. Waaw,.. This seems to be dupe for The Body Shop bath gloves, which are bit expensive compared to this,.. I will be checking this out soon,.. Thank you for the review,.

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