Garnier Anti-White Marks Deodorant Review

Garnier Anti-White Marks Deodorant Review

Garnier Anti White Marks Deodorant Review

Product Description:

Mineral, enriched with mineralite.  48 hour invisible, anti white marks.  No alcohol.  No parabens. Antiperspirant.

Summers in Chennai are in full swing. Power cuts, midnight power failures and sweat, sweat and some more sweat, phew! All ladies who travel to work in Chennai by public transport, hats off to all of them.  I would have probably melted in Chennai’s public transport and the heat and sweat and the bright sun early morning at 8 AM!  With all this, I need to be totally equipped with proper roll ons, anti perspirants, EDT, perfumes and talcs and most important my 4 litres of mineral water! All this, even while I am indoors always.


After a long time, I have found a roll on anti perspirant, thanks to my sister.  The roll one is mild, effective, gentle, and lasts for a long time.  What more can I ask for? Summers in Chennai are so much different than the rest of India because they make you sweat buckets, the sweat glands which were inactive for my whole life have been active since I came to Chennai.  There are always beads of sweat on the forehead, on everyone I meet in the society I stay in and still they smile and go about their chores.


I personally hate sweat, I hate it to the core.  Sweaty underarms make me go diffident and I almost never leave home without an antiperspirant. Avon deodorants have not been working well for me and the recent Dove Clinical is almost over. I am very happy to be using this light roll one which is true to all the claims it makes.


The roll on is mildly citrus in fragrance, dries fast, doesn’t leave white marks when transferred along with sweat onto clothes and does hold on to the antiperspirant claim for at least 12 hours even in the sweaty Chennai summers. I find it good to control sweat for at least 9 hours, which is good for me considering I go out for not more than that duration. For Chennai summers, you can cut down the 48 hours claims to half and still I am not disappointed with the claims.

roll on deo

It gives me effective deodorant coverage, I can find fresher underarms even 10 hours later, with nice citrus fragrance and lesser sweat by the end of the day. I honestly feel it will perform twice as well in air-conditioned offices.  I quite like the packaging, the twist and click cap which ensures the cap will be intact in my handbag as well. The roll on is nicely sized to be carried around, you need something like this in Indian summers.

roll on

Last Word on Garnier Anti-White Marks Deodorant:

Paraben and alcohol free, nice, effective, mild citrus fragranced, anti-perspirant and roll on deodorants are hard to find. Unfortunately, this isn’t available yet in India. Overall, I am happy with the performance it gives me considering the very humid conditions I stay in.

IMBB Rating:

3. 9/5

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16 thoughts on “Garnier Anti-White Marks Deodorant Review

  1. Thanks for the review neha.. i live in chennai and i am known to my friends as a person who hardly sweats.. and in chennai, i sweat as much as a guy who just climbed a mountain..!! i will surely try this out.. is it widely available and the cost??

    1. 🙁 🙁 i read.. not available in India. i badly need that hunterwali smiley now.. i want to use them against u for tempting this innocent soul!!!

  2. Great Review Neha. I, too, hate sweating, so this product sounds good – especially the no parabens and no alcohol bit! B-)

  3. I have a doubt… This might be a silly one… Don’t these roll-on’s clog the pores of the skin, making the sweat to accumulate inside.. Which can be harmful in the later run :-0

    1. pallavi 🙁
      its one of my biggest fears
      but this is wat i do to avoid it and so far going well
      i use a buff like that round buff to scrub underarms
      i also use lemon cut into half a lot of times
      i use a scrub like regualr scrubs too often
      and i wax sooo hoping tht shudnt clog glands
      and have 4 litres water
      but yeah u mite be rite

    2. and yeah i try to use it when i go out u know where chances to sweat are worse 🙁
      and if we dont use antiperspirants where will go :(((((((((((

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