H2O Plus Oasis Mist Review

H2O Plus Oasis Mist Review

I got this along with my huge H2o purchase last year. I am finishing all the products one by one but very recently I found this product that was hiding in the bag. I didn’t have much expectation out of this and also the packaging gave me a feel that it might smell like a medicine or at least the fragrance might be bad. So without any expectation I tried this Oasis Mist and here is my review.

H2O Plus Oasis Mist

From the Bottle:

An energizing mist of nutritive hydration enriched with vitamins and minerals to instantly replenish skin. Sea Mineral complex combines with hydrating and anti-aging extracts to help restore skin’s natural balance. After cleansing, mist skin before applying moisturizer or treatment products. Reapply as needed to replenish moisture or reset make-up.

150 ml bottle costs $16.50 and the packaging of this is better than the one I have got. Mine is just a 60 ml transparent bottle and the packaging is also different from the original one as it came in a kit.

As mentioned in the bottle I use it after cleansing and I do feel little moisturizing effect but honestly that does not serve the purpose of a moisturizer. Might be for people with oily skin this might replace the use of a moisturizer. It smells nice and I don’t know how to describe the smell, it is neither medicinal nor bad but mild and good.

In simple, it replaces my Fabindia Rose Facial water. The difference between these two is the fragrance and the moisturizing effect in H2O, other than that I love both these face mists so much. Also there is this huge difference in price !!!

H2O Plus Oasis Mist

Pros of H2O Plus Oasis Mist

• Gives instant freshness.
• Smells really good.
• Gives very little moisturizing effect.
• Easy to use bottle.
• Lid is intact. I will say it is a bit tight that I have put extra effort to open the lid.
• Available in H2O stores and there is H2O in India.

Cons of H2O Plus Oasis Mist

• Price is too high. It is almost three times the price of Fabindia rose facial water except for the only difference in giving little moisturization.

My Rating – 4.5/5

0.5 deduced for the price. Other than that I love everything about this facial mist. It is completely refreshing.

Will I Repurchase – Yes. I will look out for the sale time and ask my sister to get it . 🙂

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17 thoughts on “H2O Plus Oasis Mist Review

  1. H2O has good product range na,….I have only tried the sea salt scrub….which was nice.
    Might try this 4.5 rating is woww :hypnotized:

  2. This bottle looks soo niceeeeeeee!! 😀 😀 Great review!! 🙂 🙂 Me also want o try H2O products..donno where can I find them in Bangalore!! 😐 😐 😐

  3. i wud lov to try more things from h2o too arthi… :thanks: :thanks:
    i m using its shower gel n its prtty good :victory2: :victory2:

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