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Deepika Garg asks:


I am regular reader of your blog (more than regular I guess. I read you guys all the time – office, home, when outside then on my phone) and love all the informtion I get from the reviews and the amazing DIYs. I feel like I am doing a degree in the Beauty World!! I am addicted to IMBB, Faux Pass, and Miss Fit!

Anyway, without taking anymore of your time, let me straight come to my question –

How do I judge what hair products to use for myself? What type of hair are mine? Is hair type classified like skin type?

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With skin, I have gradually started understanding (thanks to IMBB – I read.. Read like mad now about skin and related products & skin care regime). But with hair I am stil clueless.

Actually I read the review on Organix Mandarin Olive Oil Shampoo and started reaching for Organix products and then looked for reviews on IMBB (obviously) and then got confused as to which of the following will be better for my hair:

1) Organix Mandarian Olive Oil Range.
2) Organix brazilian keratin therapy Range
3) Organix Cocomut milk Range.
4) Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Range.

I have long and thick hair. My hair gets oily really easily – I mean just one workout and they are done as if I have poured oil on my scalp. I have been using L’Oreal Professional Series – Absolute Repair, but I am bored of it and really want to change soon.

Please help!


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7 thoughts on “How To Choose Hair Care Products: Ask IMBB

  1. Hey Deepika,

    You seem to be having an Oily Scalp. Hence you need a clarifying shampoo for your hair.

    Here are some clarifying shampoos:

    Paul Mitchel Shampoo Two
    Richfeel daily scalp cleanser
    Pantene Lively clean
    Biotique green aplle daily clarifying shampoo

    This article from IMBB might help you deal with your Oily scalp:

    Hope it helped 🙂

  2. i am not sure about the rest, but u shouldnt go for the macadamia one as it’ll make ur hair more oily! i’ve used their macadamia hair mask and it worked great for my overly dry hair! so stay away frm that if u have oily hair already !

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