Hairstyle Trends 2013

Hairstyle Trends 2013

By Anuja Ambardekar

Hey Ladies,

I am a big fan of different hairstyles ever since I discovered them on YouTube. It has been my guide for two years now. So, I decided to do a “Hairstyle Trend” article for this year. After some researching, I found these hairstyles to be the top trend and today I share them with you.

1. Super Straight : Time to dig out those straighteners, ladies. Make sure your locks are in top condition before trying this trend. Invest in good oil that will add shine, while also protecting your tresses.


Style your straight hair :

1. Sleek side part for sophisticated look.
2. Accessorize your straight hair with pretty headbands and hats

2. Low ponytail: Ponytails my personal favourite. With a little twist, spice up the regular ponytail. I just love the ponytails with volume on top. It’s very chic look I believe.

low ponytail

3. Low Bun : Sophisticated/Messy low bun is in this season. Many celebrities rocked this hairstyle on the red-carpet. The messy bun will give you more relaxed look and the sophisticated bun will add elegance to your outfit. Eva Longoria’s red carpet looks are always classy.

Low Bun

4. Braid it : Rather simple plait, go for rope braid or a fishtail. Combine ponytail and braid to add some pop to the hairstyle. Braid the front section of hair in a French braid and incorporate it in a bun. It will keep the bangs away from your face. Lace braids are trending. CuteGirlsHairstyles have a tutorial on the same on their channel.

Braid It

5. Waves : Another hair trend that will remain popular are beach waves. This hairstyle works for both short and long hair. Size of waves can vary from large loose curls to tight curls. These effortless curls look super cute.


6) Bangs : Bangs needs commitment. They can change your facial features in a good way or they can look a disaster.  So, ask your stylist and choose right bangs for your face shape.


7. Edgy/ Short Bob : There is an increase in amount of short hairstyles this year. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus with more edgy hard look and Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams with soft type look have set a trend this year.

Edgy,short bob

Hope you all liked and found it helpful in any way. Thank you guys.

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  1. I have bangs and super straight both *woot* *jalwa* so loved these two a lot although the braided ones are cute as well.. *happy dance* *happy dance* *pigtail*

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