How to Brush Curly Hair Without Losing Curls

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I am back with another post! Today, we would be talking about how to brush curly hair without losing curls. Woman with curly hair struggles a lot, as this kind of hair type requires a lot of time and maintenance. If the weather is hot and dry, your hair tends to get more frizzy and dull. I am a girl with curly hair and believe me, I religiously spend a lot of time maintaining my hair and also make sure I don’t lose the curls. So, if you are the one with curly hair, here’s something important for you! Yes guys, today, we would be talking about how to brush curly hair without losing curls.

Beautiful girl with long wavy hair . Brunette with curly hairstyle

1. Always use fingers:

Sexy Red Head Woman Running Fingers Through Her Long Hair

If you want to comb your hair, it’s important to detangle them before. Always use your fingers to detangle your hair instead of brushing. Using brush may lead to loss of curls and also cause hair breakage. Detangling your hair with fingers can preserve the shape of the curls and also prevent hair breakage. So, it is always good to use fingers instead of a brush.

2. Wet your curls:

Some people have dry curls and hence detangling/combing can be a difficult task. If you find the complete process painful, you should be using the curl wet technique. Wet your hands and gently dab on the curls. Once the curls have soaked the water, start detangling your hair with fingers. Avoid using a brush on wet hair as it may not only cause to lose curls but also lead to hair fall problems.

3. Move upwards:

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If you want to preserve the curls, you’ll need to brush more carefully. Always move in upward direction instead of combing from the roots. Combing from down to up, towards the roots, can become quite easy to remove the knots and cut down the frizziness of the hair. It is a great idea to preserve the curls as well.

4. Always apply conditioner before brushing:

It is advised that you should always apply a conditioner before brushing your hair so that it helps to comb your hair smoothly. Use a deep conditioner which helps to soften the hair and also keeps your hair hydrated. Using deep conditioners help to separate the hair strands from each other which in turn helps to comb the hair easily and precisely.

5. Don’t wash the conditioner completely:


While you are advised to apply some conditioner on your hair, it is okay to leave some residue behind. You should not wash off complete conditioner from your hair. Your curly hair surely needs some hydration and moisturization which will cut down the frizz and also allow you to brush without losing curls. Use Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Conditioner or Hask Greek Yogurt Repairing Deep Conditioner for best results.

6. Never comb dry curly hair:

One among the biggest mistakes every woman with curly hair makes is brushing curly hair when it is dry. You should never comb dry curly hair as you’ll end up dealing with frizzy and hair loss problems. As we have advised earlier, you can wet your hair with water and before it dries, comb them using a wide tooth brush. Wet curly hair is much better than dry curly hair.

7. Take some oil:

Young girl in white t-shirt holds in her left hand the tips of her curly hair and her right hand applies them yellow oil.

You can also apply some oil on your hair so that it helps to keep it saturated for a long period of time. Oil separates the hair tresses from one another and also detangles them easily. You can take some oil in your hand and then apply on the tresses with the help of fingers. Apply some oil, leave it for some time and then start brushing from down to the roots. Make sure you apply some lightweight or natural oil on your hair.

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