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Shagufta Y. asks:

Dear IMBB,

I have a question to ask. I have flat feet, what they call “dancer’s feet.” Plus I have clumsy feet though I absolutely love wearing high heels for occasions. I am more on the tomboyish side which means it is a little difficult for me to walk in heels on a daily basis as I am always in a hurry and just keep jumping and running around. So, I always look for footwear which keeps me on the go and this makes me mostly look for loafers and flat shoes for daily wear; however, my problem is that due to the long hours of wearing loafers and the time I spend in air-conditioned surroundings in office, my feet tend to gather a stink for obvious reasons and it’s quite embarrassing. Please tell me a quick and easy way to prevent my feet from stinking despite the use of such footwear.

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23 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Stinky Feet: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Shagufta,

    You can get many footwear options which lets the foot breathe and prevent feet from stinking, like flats with straps, gladiators. You get foot deodorants online which you can spray into the footwear. However, if you are wearing loafers, dabbing talcum powder into the shoe might help, though I am not sure.

      1. and my query too Jomol please, I want to try the stuff on me few days at home before I wear to my friends wedding so that I get confidence on how it looks on me. please help!

  2. u know i face from the same problem and truly what helps is wash ur shoe every alternative day 🙂 and dry them in the scorching sun.. i have bought 3 pairs of loafers and alternatively wear them and wash them 🙂 i wear my loafers for continuous 10 to 12 hours sometimes and even if it don’t stink one should wash them 🙂

    i hope u are benefited 🙂

  3. Yes, dry the loafers/bellies etc outside after coming back from the office. You can wear them the next morning, by then all the moisture would have dried out and the sun would have killed the bacteria etc. Also while sitting in the office, you can take your shoes off and sit for a while (I do this all the time). This allows your feet to breathe.
    Footwear options- Go to a crocs store, they have some amazing flats for girls/women which allow the air to pass through.

  4. Scholl foot sprays are good…. so are oriflame ones (there are few variants… especially the one with eucalyptus and mint)….

  5. Try dusting medicated absorbent powders on your feet/ into your shoes before going out to work. Abzorb powder by Ranbaxy or Candid powder by Glenmark are best options.

  6. i face same problem when i wear sneakers.
    the cheap and best solution is to sprinkle ABZORB absorbent dusting powder in shoes before wearing. and if poss on feet too.
    its easily available at chemist store. its a antifungal and antibacterial.
    try it and u ll b impressed.

  7. Do wash and dry them in the sun as suggested above. Abzorb powder does help. So does neosporin, antibacterial and antifungal. Make soaking your feet an alternate day habit too. Just some warm water, shampoo, dettol\savlon and a brush would help.

  8. Keep two pairs of shoes….alternate so the other pair dries while you rest it. And abzorb powder is also a great idea. Wear clean socks daily.

    Opt for open sandals if you have sweaty feet.

    Once home, wash and dry your feet well!

  9. I had the same problem few months back. The only thing that worked for me was a every weekend before showers dipping my feet in lukewarm water with few drops of sandalwood oil in it.

  10. hi shagufta.. its a very common problem. there are quite a lot of remedies:
    1. wash ur feet properly with antibacterial soap while in shower.
    2. dont repeat ur footwear. give the pair a break after one day of wear.
    3. always sun and air ur shoes.
    4. clotrimazole 1% talc is good option.
    5. remove ur shoes inbetween desk hours.
    6. use odour control shoe inserts.
    7. wear shoe liners. these are basically very thin translucent cotton socks to keep ur feet fresh and absorb moisture. i got mine from zivame.

  11. insert Scholls insoles in ur loafers, soak ur feet after offc in any good foot soak add few drops of tea tree oil to it, try to diagnose whether u sweat excessively or normally, if sweat is in excess try to reduce heat in the body by cutting out caffeine, spices and onion garlic. take a spoonful of amla + neem powder daily in the morning, it cleanse the system and reduces body heat. switch to green tea instead of normal tea. Dab baking soda in ur loafers u can apply to ur feet also.

    hope this helps 🙂

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