10 Tips To Keep your Bag Organized

A bag plays such a vital role in a woman’s life. It’s like a treasure of all important items a woman can’t leave her home without. Remember back in time whenever we would need anything whilst travelling, mummy would always have it in her bag! It’s surprising how ladies carry literally all essentials in their bags! However, let’s face the truth, sometimes carrying ‘everything’ in our bag can be one big mess. We must have all faced situations when we need something from our bag, but it takes forever to catch hold of it. So, I feel it’s time to organise our lovely bags and make life a bit easier 🙂

Bag Organized

1. Don’t carry a huge bag

How To Keep Your Bag Organised

Yes! The first step one must take is to carry a medium to small sized bag. Carrying a huge bag means loads more space in it to carry stuff. This will make up our minds into carrying tons of stuff, thinking that we might need it some time. However, the fact is that most of the time, we have crap stuffed into our bags, which not only makes it heavy to carry but also finding anything in a hurry can be a tedious job. If you will carry a small to medium sized bag, you will initially just store very important essentials. This will help you to keep your bag light and also organised.

2. Wallet

How To Keep Your Bag Organised

No one travels without money! So a wallet is a must. It’s always a good idea to carry cash in a wallet rather than keeping it in compartments within your bag. But, don’t carry a huge wallet. Wisely choose a wallet for yourself. Make sure it has separate compartments for your cards. Don’t go for a very huge wallet; instead choose a compact rectangular one. Make more use of your wallet rather than just storing in cards and cash. Keep your bobby pins and bands in the wallet as well. This not only helps you save some space, but whenever you will need looking for these essentials, they will be right there.

3. Makeup bag

How To Keep Your Bag Organised

A small makeup bag with all your essentials can be extremely handy. Here is a list of a few things you should carry in your makeup bag.

• Lip balm:
No matter what, a lip balm is one of the most important things you should have in your bag. Most lip balms only work for a few hours. Reapplication of lip balm is very important to keep your lips hydrated. Hence keep a moisturising lip balm on the go.

• Lip stick/ Lip Liner:
Carry one of your favourite lip sticks in your bag all the time. For everyday basis neutral colours look the best, so keep one in your bag.

• Lip gloss:
A subtle pink lip gloss looks wonderful on everyone. If you prefer lip glosses over lip stick, you should have one in your bag all the time.

• Compact powder:
To keep oil and grease away from your face, carry a small compact powder in your bag.

• Bag carrying extras:
Keeps a small pouch carrying a few important things. These things will help you to maintain hygiene and be organised. These are the things you should keep in it..

  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Travel size hand cream.
  • Tissues.

4. Phone, headphones:

How To Keep Your Bag Organised

At the end, the main thing you have to have in your bag is your phone. Keep it in any of the sections provided in your bag along with the headphones and you will be good to go! Instead of throwing the headphones anywhere in the bag, it’s better to keep them in a compartment which will also keep them untangled.

Believe me this is such a wonderful way of storing stuff in your bag. Everything has its exact place this way and no mess is made. It’s easy to access all your stuff if you keep everything in separate pouches like this. Hope you find this helpful and make sure to try this out!

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