How To Look Good With Makeup When You Are Sick

You can’t stop looking good even when you fall sick, right?  You might need to go out and look your best even when temperatures are running high and cough and cold syrups are your only saving grace.  Here are some tips that would make you lovely hiding that paleness and puffy eyes.  I am not saying you should try to look when you are ill, that would be sending out a wrong message, but those who need to be presentable even at such a time, these tips will work 🙂

Look Good With Makeup When you are sick

1.  Moisturizing Lip Balm:
When you are sick, your lips will look dry, chapped, and parched, so you have to adequately moisturize and soften them up using a good lip balm.  You should choose lip balms that provide moisturization for long hours, also would be good if its slightly tinted too.  My recommendation:  Maybelline Baby Lips priced at Rs. 150


2.  Slather on the Moisturizer:

Since all those medications are going to suck up the moisture from your skin, you need to replenish moisture on your face with a good moisturizer, opt for oil-free one if you have oily or acne-prone skin.  Dry skin should opt for a heavy moisturizer to combat that extreme dryness. My recommendation:  Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator, priced at Rs. 2500 approximately.

3.  White/Rose Eye Pencil For Bright Effect:


Does your eye become small, smaller, smallest when you are sick, mine does 😐 Brighten the appearance of your eyes and make them appear fuller by using white or light eye pencils on the waterline.  White/rose eye pencils makes small eyes appear slightly bigger, so make good use of them.  My recommendation:  Bourjois Khol and Contour Eyeliner Pencil – 08 Rose Fantaisiste priced at Rs. 195

Look beautiful

4.  Mascara to open up eyes:


Yes, mascara is your secret weapon.  When you are sick, some medicines might make you feel drowsy or sleepy.  Mascara opens up tired eyes to give an awakened appearance.  Mascara can give an instant lift to the eyes and make them appear bigger.  Curling and lengthening mascaras can create a bit of drama and take attention from your face if that’s what you want.  My recommendation: Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara priced at Rs. 800

5.  Tinted Moisturizer:


Going through the sunscreen-moisturizer-foundation routine might seem like a lot of work when you are ill.  Pick a lightweight tinted moisturizer that would provide enough coverage to hide minor imperfections and to get a polished look along with moisturizing and protecting your skin from sun.  My recommendation:  Lotus Herbals Nutraglow Daily Tinted Moisturiser SPF 25 priced at Rs. 475.

6.  Don’t Skip the Sunscreen:

Don’t let of the sunscreen.  Even when you are sick and you have some other face products with sun protection factor, you should not skip the moisturizer.  You would not want to deal with tanned skin and sun burns when you have recovered from your illness.  My recommendation:  Lotus Herbals Daily Multi-Functional Sun Block SPF 70 priced at Rs. 495

7.  Add a dash of colour to your lips:


Since your face tends to become pale during sickness, choose a lipstick shade that would brighten your face up and add the necessary dash of colour to your lips.  Pink and peach toned lipsticks would be best, but you can also opt for mild red or carrot shades.  Refrain from using purple and dark lipsticks.  My recommendation:  Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick #149 priced at Rs. 225 or MAC Crosswires Lipstick priced at Rs. 990

8.  Foundation to even out skin tone:


If your skin is in a really bad condition and you want to get an even toned appearance, pick up a full coverage or medium coverage foundation (no powder foundation), preferably liquid or cream, and dot on and blend to get bright and even toned face.  My Recommendation:  Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation priced at Rs. 1480

9.  Compact/Loose Powder:

Compact and loose powders not only set your makeup, they add a certain brightness and freshness to the skin.  Just make sure you do not go overboard and dry out your skin.  Brush on some powder on your face to get a fresh look.  My recommendation:  Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Powder priced at Rs. 2100

10.  Add a flush of color to your face with blush:

Since sickness makes you go pale in the face, add a dash of colour in the form of blush to your face.  Blushes brighten your complexion and add luminous color to your skin.  It would also make you appear fresh and glowing.  Choose a colour that makes your face bright, not muddy.  My recommendation:  NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Natural priced at Rs. 650

Follow these tips and no one would believe that you are sick! (no pun intended :P)

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9 thoughts on “How To Look Good With Makeup When You Are Sick

  1. I know i follow most of these steps when i am sick *hihi* *hihi* *clap* *hifive* and when i actually say that i am not feeling well people are like plz don’t lie.. *secret* *scared* and i think in my mind that you don’t know what a good weapon the make-up is *hihi*

  2. Great post Jomol! But I have team members doing the inverse. People using Kajal to create dark circles and imply that they are not well!! Takes all kinds of people to make this World!

  3. A much awaited post jomol.. *clap* I to anyways look sick anytime if i dnt put up kajal atleast.. *hihi* I vouch for moisturizer n kajal widout these two weapons anyone will say “r u sick” to me.. *headbang*

    1. So true! If I actually want to “appear” sick at work, all I need to do is skip my kajal and eyeliner. Folks will readily believe that I am sick and I need rest! 😛

      1. In fact even my hubby was so used to seeing me atleast with kajal, that when I wouldn’t wear any during my maternity leave, he was so concerned and kept thinking am not well! *hihi*

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