How to Make Pure Rosewater at Home

This is a very easy and cheap DIY which is suitable for all skin types and works wonders at detoxifying skin, and to fight acne and blackheads. With this DIY, one can forget purchasing expensive and miniscule rose water bottle with unwanted ingredients. Read the procedure and you would surely want to check it out!

How to Make Rosewater at Home5


How to Make Rosewater at Home2

• Rose petals – as many as one wants
• Filtered water
• Ice cubes
• Boiling pot with a lid
• Glass jar to store (avoid plastic jars)

Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Find a clean work space and spread a newspaper to prevent any spillage from ruining the workspace.

Step 2: Separate rose petals from the bud and remove any leaves or thorns.

Step 3: Add water as per personal choice – I filled half my pot.

Step 4: Add the petals and cover the pot with a lid and bring it to boil.

How to Make Rosewater at Home3

Step 5: Once it starts to boil, reduce the heat to low and put ice cubes on top of the lids.

Why ice cubes? It will condense water vapors and keep the essence of roses in the pot – this simple method makes a crude distillation unit out of a boiling pot.

How to Make Rosewater at Home4

Step 6: Let it simmer for an hour or two, and keep replenishing ice in between.

How to Make Rosewater at Home

Step 7: Once done, let it cool. I let it be overnight and in the morning I strained out the petals and poured the liquid in the jar. Store the water in refrigerator for as long as desired.

How to Make Rosewater at Home1


Do I have to tell you all the benefits of rose water? We all know that it is a good toner, cleanser and
a hydrating agent.

Conclusion: I am happy with my DIY project because:

• It’s cheap – I got petals for free, hence no investment
• Has all the benefits of good rose water
• Has no side effects
• Will suit all skin types
• Looks beautiful

I urge all the readers to try this DIY and enjoy its potency. 🙂

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  1. Rosewater is my HG skin care product and I always have one bottle in my bag and one in my refrigerator. It is actually very very easy Sakshi. Just waiting for someone to gift me a bouquet soon so that I can make it. 😛

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