How to Pick Handbag for Different Occasions

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How are you all? I have taken a six months break before joining my PhD course. So I am spending loads of ‘me’ time. I am meeting up friends, learning new things and of course researching a lot about beauty and fashion. So, here is some fashion knowledge I would like to share with you all. We all have loads of bags in our collection. But often we get confused about choosing the right bag for an occasion. In this post, I would like to guide you about choosing the correct bag for an occasion.

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Things that you should keep in mind:

1. Consider the occasion

A huge handbag will look odd in a wedding party. Similarly, you cannot carry a clutch purse if you are planning to go for a long drive! Consider the occasion, decide the things that you need to carry which will definitely depend on how long you are staying out and then decide your bag.

2. Consider the things that you will have to carry

Just like the occasion, the things that you carry in the bag are also important. While doing out for a brunch with friends or a date, we need nothing but our purse, phone and a few makeup essentials for touch-ups. So in that case, a sling bag is fine. But if you are going for a day out, you will need to carry all the essentials including umbrella, sunscreen and water bottle. So a back-pack or hobo bag is perfect for the occasion.

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3. Consider your dress

Well, it is not essential to match your dress with the bag. But, make sure that they complement each other perfectly. Also consider your shoes while selecting the bag. Consider the cuts, prints and texture of the dress while selecting your bag. A clutch looks perfect with a dazzling saree and a fringed sling will look great with a girly dress.


4. Consider your body shape

Yes, your body type matters while choosing the bag. A small bag can make a skinny woman look skinnier while a large hand bag with wide straps may not suit a plump woman. So just like you give your dresses a trial, you should also go for a trial before picking up a bag. Read more about choosing a bag according to body-shape in this post.

5. Consider the texture of the bag and weather outside

Your leather bag can be ruined if you take it out on a rainy day. So definitely consider the weather before choosing your bag.

Types of hand bag for different occasions:

1. Clutch and envelop bag

These are strapless small bags to carry the few essential items like money, phone and basic cosmetic items. They are ideal for wedding parties, movie or dinner dates.

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2. Sling bag

These bags also have a little space but the thin strap makes it a hit. They come in different colours and shapes. They look girly and stylish. And as the strap is worn across the body, it helps to move the hands freely. It is perfect for brunches or dates.

3. Wristlet

It looks like a small purse with a small strap to wrap around the wrist. They can be carried inside the handbag to keep things organized. You can pack your makeup essentials in it, so that you do not need to search for them haphazardly.

4. Satchel bag

This type is a perfect choice for working women. It is stylish, professional and offers maximum space. The bag often comes with multiple chains and chambers which are great to organize your files, lunch-box, and makeup items conveniently.

satchel bag

5. Backpacks

This is a great option for women who need to carry their laptops to work. Also they can be carried while you are going out for the whole day. It helps to carry loads of things and strapped to the back, it helps to keep both your hands free.

6. Tote bag

Tote bags are spacious, fashionable and girly. If you are visiting the beach or going for a picnic, this bag can be your best friend for the day. You can literally carry everything you need in it.

7. Hobo bag

This bag is of crescent shape and is the classic handbag for every woman. If you are travelling by plane or train, you can carry a hobo bag with all the essentials that you will need on the way. Thus you won’t need to jumble up your luggage bag every time you need something.

Lastly, I will suggest investing on versatile designs that will compliment various dresses. This way you can concentrate more on the quality instead of quantity. I hope this will help you to choose the right bag for any occasion. Also check the fashion posts by Rati in Faux Pas to get some amazing ideas. Happy bag shopping women! I will be back soon with more “gyaan”. Till then, Auf Wiedersehen, bis bald (well, I am learning German!)

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