How To Treat Damaged Skin

How To Treat Damaged Skin

Poor Diet + Exposure To Sun + Unhealthy Habit + Harsh Chemicals + Pollution =?

Any guesses? Of course you are right! The answer is “SKIN DAMAGE.” Today, I am here with the possible solution to this pressing problem of skin damage which is faced by increasing number of women these days.

How To Treat Damaged Skin

A research article that it is, this piece of writing mainly focuses on the areas which must be taken into
consideration for treating damaged skin and trust me, I decided to cull out the most accessible and handy options which are available for treating skin damage. Read on to know the signs and treatments of damaged skin.

Signs of Damaged Skin:

The first step to treating a problem is its identification. But the question is “how would I know that my skin is damaged?” Here are the signs and symptoms to look for:
• Dry skin which appears scaly.
• Sun spots that look like smooth, brownish patches.
• Yellowish skin which looks like leather.
• Premature wrinkles, coarse or fine.
• Skin abrasion and broken capillaries.

Damaged Skin

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There can be other such symptoms as well, these are only a few common ones I have enlisted. The point is, the change is often sudden and the signs start appearing abruptly. Most of the time, damaged skin manifests itself on the face. It can also affect your arms, hands and neck. The spots and wrinkles look very unappealing and mar your beauty. But extreme cases of skin damage may be dangerous. Apart from speeding up the process of skin aging, it exposes you to the risk of skin cancer, hence it needs to be treated in time.

How To Prevent Skin Damage?

Try to avoid the causes at the outset! That’s the best way of avoiding skin damage. Here are the tips you can follow:
• Avoid getting out in the sun from 10.30 AM to 3 in the afternoon. The rays of sun are strongest then! If at all, you have to, make sure you use a sunscreen which offers you maximum protection and carry an umbrella too! Wear hats and sunglasses to enjoy further fortification!
• Eat a diet comprising fresh vegetables and fruits and drink lots of water and fresh fruit juice. Drinking green tea also helps to tackle the problem of skin damage.
• Regular skin care regimen should include cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Scrubbing should be done twice every week (mild exfoliation however can be done more often). Use anti-tanning masks, anti-aging products and keep your skin hydrated.
• Stay away from alcohol, smoking and stress.

How To Treat Damaged Skin Professionally?

In case of extreme damage, you need to go for professional treatment for attending to your damaged skin. Here are the options for you:
• Dermabrasion or microdermabrasion: According to a particular website, American Academy of Dermatology recommends dermabrasion as a treatment for extreme sun damage and the effects of this procedure are long-lasting and effectual. It helps to remove damaged skin and aids the growth of new skin.


• Chemical peel: Let your dermatologist decide if you need the chemical peel procedure or not. Depending upon the extent of damage your skin has suffered, your expert might recommend deep, medium or superficial chemical peel procedure. Post peel session helps you get smooth and even toned skin!
• Laser resurfacing procedure: It helps to do away with the top layer of the skin and aids the development of new skin.
• Red and blue light therapy: Go to a reputed spa or consult your dermatologist for this therapy. It helps reduce inflammation and kill bacteria. You might need to get light therapy for 8 to 10 sessions.

How To Treat Damaged Skin At Home?

Apart from the expert therapies and lifestyle changes, it would be excellent if you could include one or few of the following in your skincare regimen for damage control. Here are a few home remedies which you can follow:

• Grate some watermelon (along with the rind) and apply on the skin for 15 minutes. Done regularly, it helps to fight damaged skin by providing essential nutrients.


• Apply fresh aloe vera gel liberally on the damaged skin and “the wonder herb” works wonders when used on regular basis. This is great particularly for sun-damaged skin.
• Sandalwood is known for its soothing and therapeutic properties and you can generously use it for applying on damaged skin.
• Use olive oil to rejuvenate your skin.

P.S.- (Of course, skin damage is also caused from certain medical conditions like chemo-therapy; but that is a different issue and I have restricted myself to the common causes only).

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22 thoughts on “How To Treat Damaged Skin

  1. Very informative article! Thank you! I was late in realising the extent of damage the sun could cause, and now have a few brown spots! But now i make sure that i follow a regular skin care routine, and i usually use kitchen products. They are slow, but definitely help!
    Could anyone tell me whats the right age to start using an anti aging cream? And a good sunscreen? Its been years of trying different ones but i havent found the right one yet 🙁

    1. Swati, IMO , if you are above 25 you should start giving a bit more attention to your skin . If you wish you can use a good anti ageing cream but don’t forget to cleanse, tone, moisturise in a regular basis. If followed regularly this would help a lot. Invest in a good moisturising cream or massage cream.a good under eye cream/gel. As of sunscreen I love L’oreal uv perfect, Lotus sunscreen spf 40,70 n 90 worked well for me. you try neutrogena spf 50 or even try auravedic spf 30..all these worked for my combination skin type

      1. ya…neutrogena spf 50 worked for my oily skin!!! its great 🙂 for my face, i rely on oriflame range of creams… 🙂


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