5 Essential Steps That’ll Improve your Morning Skincare Regimen

By Shekinah

Hello lovelies,

Many times people stress about the importance of taking care of your skin in the night because it is the time your body rests and hence products get to work better. But did you know that a morning skincare routine is just as important? Cleanse, tone, moisturize is all that you hear about and these steps are important to help your skin feel clean and fresh. While CTM is important, here are a few essential steps that you must include in your skincare regimen to take it to the next level.

Improve morning skincare routine

1. Exfoliate

kiwi face scrub

This step is a must if you have oily skin or combination skin. You can exfoliate everyday provided you find the right exfoliating cleanser that suits your skin and is gentle for daily use. Women with dry skin should stick to gentle exfoliating face washes. Massage the product on to your skin for 60 seconds in circular motions.

Concentrate on the T zone where most of the gunk accumulates because of whiteheads and blocked pores. If you wear makeup every day, then this step is a must as you will be cleaning up all those pores before you put your makeup on for the day. This step also ensures a smooth canvas for your makeup base.

2. Treat Your Under Eye Area

As we get older, the under eye area tends to get tiny creases. Some women have dry under eyes and others may have puffy eyes and dark circles. Whatever the issue, with a little bit of care added to this routine you can notice differences. Aloe vera gel that has been chilled in the fridge for a few minutes does wonders for puffy and tired eyes.

You can also use this in the morning for dry under eye area as I have noticed that using an under eye cream creases the concealer. If you don’t use any concealer, treat your eyes to a good moisturizing cream the night before as well.

3. Toning with an Astringent

clean and clear astringent

Need I emphasize the importance of toning after exfoliation? However, using an astringent instead of a normal toner does wonders on acne prone skin. Even if you are prone to occasional pimples on those days of the month, using an astringent on top will dry out the blemishes faster than you know it. Pour a few drops of an astringent on a cotton ball and dab it all over your face. Especially over the little pimples. Allow it to dry and then proceed with the rest of the makeup once you get the moisturizer on. Try using a spray bottle to spray the product on your face for even application.

4. Using Masks in the Morning

Set aside a morning or two in a week where you can make time to use a mask after exfoliating your face. Choose a mask that does not dry out your skin and leaves your face soft and supple. Masks meant for oily skinned beauties actually do this trick as they are very gentle and do not really dry the skin out. I swear by this!

5. Sunscreen

vichy sunscreen

After moisturizer, don’t forget to add a sunscreen. If your moisturizer already has some SPF content in it, it is a good thing. But studies have shown that for our sort of climate, it is good to have SPF 50 and above. So find a sunscreen that does the trick and add it with the moisturizer step of your routine.

These steps might seem like too much, but trust me they do add up in the long run. I hope you enjoy your mornings and stay beautiful! 🙂

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