Inglot AMC Matte Eyeliner Gel 75 & 90 Review, Swatch

Inglot AMC Matte Eyeliner Gel– 75 & 90 Review

Hello IMBB Sweeties!! :jiggy1:

These days I am really in love with gel liners! :inlove: They are so creamy and glide on my eyelids so well, even stay there until I remove them with my eye makeup remover. First I bought Tips and Toes gel liner after reading Anuradha’s review, which is pretty good and reasonable but doesn’t stay that long on my eyes. So next I bought Maybelline gel liner after going through Mrun’s review which is superb! It is really black and its staying power is awesome too. I wanted to try gel liners in other colors, so none other than Inglot gel liners came into my mind when I found Rati’s review on Inglot black gel liner. They are available in 20 different colors. :woot:

inglot shopping

What the Company Says:

Long-lasting, waterproof formula.
Can be used as an eye shadow or body painting gel.
Brush number 30T is recommended for eyeliner application.



5.5 g/0.19 US OZ

amc gel liner

Price: Rs 680 for 5.5 gm


ing gel eyeliner

Inglot amc gel liner plum 75

Gel Liner 75- Plum, 90-Dark Brown.

Swatches :

Inglot amc gel liner dark brown 90

I got AMC matte eye shadow 358 worth Rs 680 free :yahoo: with purchase of duraline and two gel liners. There is the offer of free AMC matte eye shadow with purchase of any three products at Kolkata Inglot store. :haanji:

Inglot AMC matte eye shadow 358

My Experience:

When I visited the Inglot store at Forum Courtyard, Kolkata, I was amazed with their collection. :woot: The store was so colorful with several eyeshadows, eyeliners, glitters, nail lacquers, lipsticks and several stuff in all possible colors. I had already planned to buy gel liners so didn’t spend much time browsing other stuff as that would have taken one whole day 😀 So I went to the gel eyeliner section and saw all 20 colors from which AMC gel eyeliner 75 and 90 caught my attention and I loved their pigmentation a lot. 75 is a deep purple shade similar to eggplant color that would suit most Indian skin tones and is something one would surely like to have in her collection.AMC Gel EyeLiner 90 is actually a brown mud color which looks very natural on eyes and doesn’t look more prominent like that of the black one. Both eyeliners are quite creamy and glide on lids really well. You wont require more than 1-2 swipes for desired color pigmentation and thickness. The quantity I got for Rs 680 is really good, it would take at least one year to finish even if I use these everyday. :thumbsup:

Pros of AMC Matte Gel EyeLiner:

-Available in 20 different colors ranging from blue, green, red, yellow, purple, brown and many more. :yahoo:
-These are parabens free formula.
-Price is reasonable comparative to available ones such as Maybelline, like Maybelline is for Rs 375 and gives 2.8 gm but inglot provides almost double the amount i.e 5.5 gm for Rs 680. :haanji:
-Doesn’t test on animals thus it is cruelty free.
-It has waterproof formula and doesnot smudge and stays until removed with eye makeup remover.
-It can be used as eyeshadow base or body paint gel.
-Its texture is sort of creamy and glides like a dream on my eyelids, I don’t feel a thing. :jalwa:
-It dries up within seconds on eyelid.
-If the eyeliner dries up can be diluted with Duraline.
-It will last for a long long time.
-Great pigmentation and staying power is great.
-These are completely matte gel liners which I like for everyday use.
-These days one can buy from too. :thumbsup:

Cons of Inglot AMC Matte Gel EyeLiner:

-Availability is an issue as there are some four stores in entire India. 🙁
-Some of the colors which looked really awesome in their website were not that good in reality. :pan:
-They dry up soon.
-Indian skin tones cannot pull off most of the shades.
-They set on eyes and dry soon, so it would be difficult to use it as eye shadow base.
-I wish they introduce some warmer colors in their collection.
-They contain hell lot of chemicals, may affect eyes with repeated use.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Will I repurchase ? I might buy the black one after I finish Maybelline gel eyeliner.

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92 thoughts on “Inglot AMC Matte Eyeliner Gel 75 & 90 Review, Swatch

  1. tapas the eyeshadow color is like mac copperplate O:) O:) O:) O:) The only problem with these eyeliners is that they dry fast so keep the lids tightly closed. i love the pigmentation and staying power of these. 🙂 plum is slightly bluish na…

    I am going to pick the brown one soon soon :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Yesss Rati, the eyshadow very similar to Mac one ! :yahoo: Yesss they dry fast , i have closed the lid tightly !, when I swatched these , after 2 minutes it was really difficult to remove them ! It took time to wear off! I am loving them a lot! The plum one exactly similar to color of brinjal you see! Really nice shade ! Brown one looks very very natural !

          1. anyday bobbi brown. 😛 i am super biased. 😀 One the color selection is better. creamier. Havent dried even after one year of regular usage. havent seen any change in formula. staying power is more or less the same. The packaging is less bulky. Total worth the money. you’d be on the edge to choose one over the other bt i would still go for bobbi brown.

              1. Hey Rati..I’ve been using MAC Fluidline Blacktrack for over an year now and I’m super happy with it but I still want to invest in BB ones.Since I ‘ve oily skin, will a creamy liner work well for me??

                  1. Why are khikhing…you only wasted my day today…otherwise I would ahve done so many useful things hmmmmmmmmmmmph …hehehheee..i would haveth doneth 😀 😀 😀 :pompom:

                    1. Rati kya keha tumne chanel ki gayi guzri lipstick, am I seeing right????Then apni chanel ki ghatiya wali lipstick hume de do ! 😀

    1. Thanks a lot Cali !!! You can buy inglot online too na ! From so problem ! hey na?But yes you cant see swatches and real product before purchasing, thats a con!

    1. Ya Parita brown one is awesome ! Unique brown it is !! Me had done EOTD with these but na, couldnt take my own pics !

  2. me planning to buy soo much from inglot… :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
    ths r sooo nice tapaswini…. :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

    1. Yess Nupur, they are awesome, these two shades and another 74 light purple are awesome !!What all you would buy from Inglot?

            1. Wowwww Nupur ! Awesome, you can try their eye shadow customised palettes too, awesome pigmented shades they have !! And yes they have wide range of gorgeous and unique liquid eyeliners in so many colors that I almost went crazy ! :tongue:

  3. Wow Taps..lovely collection!! ebar bari gele will head straight to Forum… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. wow inglot gel liners r the best.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: .. iam eyeing the shade 89 in gel liners.. u swatched it taps??? is it a more true brown or black brown like this 90??
    n free gift too..nice 1 :spank:

    1. Yess they are the best till date what I have used !! Yess I have swatched 89 also, thats a true brown, thats a very light brown color, I didnt like much!

  5. Hello all!
    I’m a newbie around on this space – love it!

    I am hardly an eyeliner person but would love to try the gel ones for starters. This one looks tempting but there are no inglot stores in bangalore (i think?). Any leads on which online store would ship this across to bangalore? Their official site seems to indicate they ship only to the US nad Aus. Thanks!

  6. Taps the colors look awesome!! :yahoo: :yahoo: Me almost stopped going to forum after my school days got over …miss my school!! :waaa: :waaa:

    Btw..r u a farmville freak??? :specs:

    1. Yes dear, I was also surprised to get the free gifts but na you have to ask SA if there are any offers because they tell when only you ask !

  7. hey….awesome colours….i am getting them too…
    btw, you stay in kolkata??? That’s cool… tooooooo!!!! :high5:

  8. It’s awesome that these worked so well! Good review Taps :))
    I use only pencil eyeliners, but if I used gel this looks really nice to have! :woot:

  9. Taps….I liked the plum one…though Inglot seems to be costly….by your review it seems to be worth it………even I want to try maybelline gel liner…have heard so many positive reviews now…… :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

    1. Plum one is really fabulous !Jomol inglot is costly but if you compare quantity and price then inglot is cheaper than maybelline.Maybelline sells 2.8 gms liner for 375 and inglot sells 5.5 gm liner for 680, so you say which one is cheaper?Maybelline one is more creamier than inglot though !

    1. Once you start using na, gel liners, you would want more n more, I am so lucky to have come across IMBB so could know more about gel liners !

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