Inglot Freedom System Brow Powder Refill 569 Review

Inglot Freedom System Brow Powder Refill 569 Review

I told you guys about my Inglot palette in my last review. Here is another gem from the palette. Rati asked me to share my palette pics with you guys so you can see this brow powder in the palette along with other refills. I have always believed that well-groomed brows bring such a drastic change to the face of a woman. I hate bushy and unkempt brows. I used to have an eyebrow pencil before but they used to look too stark and hence I gave this powder a try.



1.8 gm.


Rs. 350, but I got it on discount.


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Shelf Life:

3 years.


My Experience with Inglot Freedom System Brow Powder Refill 569:

This brow powder shade is a shade between brown, grey and black. Confused? It will basically suit all women: P Its a matte grayish brown which when applied on the brows lightly gives them a fuller appearance and groomed look.  I personally love this brow powder because of its texture. It’s so light and smooth. This texture makes it so easy to apply this.


Instantly, you can see a difference on your face with more polished brows. It also lasts all day long, gets removed very easily with my Neutrogena cleanser. There is absolutely no fallout. The quantity will last me forever. One more thing about this brow powder is that it makes an excellent eye shadow.


You can use this for smokey eye.  So, now I have two basic eye shadows in my palette. One is a basic baby pink which brightens my eyes and one is a blackish grayish brown (is that even a colour??) which is also a brow powder. Talk about multitasking, huh 😛



Inglot Freedom System Brow Powder Refill

Pros of Inglot Freedom System Brow Powder Refill 569:

  • Smooth and soft texture.
  • Makes brows look fuller and groomed.
  • No fallout.
  • Available in other colors also.
  • Great quantity and price is amazing if on discount. Quantity will last forever because brow powders are used in such a small quantity.
  • Lasts all day.
  • Can also be used as an eye shadow: D

Cons of Inglot Freedom System Brow Powder Refill 569:

  • Is there anything to dislike about these cute Inglot refills?? They are great value for money and are quite multipurpose. Although I wish Inglot provided some basic brushes with its palette since the palettes are priced at such exorbitant rates.

Will I Repurchase Inglot Freedom System Brow Powder Refill 569?

One of these brow powders will always be in my palette.

IMBB Rating:



This is my palette with 2 lipsticks/blushes, one eye shadow/highlighter, one brow powder/eye shadow, one concealer. This is a constant in my bag and I don’t feel the need to carry any other makeup product apart from this.

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12 thoughts on “Inglot Freedom System Brow Powder Refill 569 Review

  1. Nice review Mily, haven’t yet started using brow powders yet, but those who sparse eyebrows, this is a good option 🙂

  2. Woooow the pallette looks gorgeous *happy dance* *happy dance* lovely lip colours and concealer looks good too *clap* *clap* although never used anything for brows till date *nababana* *nababana*

    1. even i didnt use anything till some months back saloni..but u will be amazed at what difference it brings to the eyes.. *haan ji* *haan ji* *haan ji* 😀

  3. loovved your palette mily. I have the one with the compact and that stays in my bag always. Just love how sleek yours look. totally looved the shade of the brow powder. *woot* *woot*

    1. *puchhi* *thankyou* *thankyou* rati…i am glad you liked the palette …these inglot refills are a staple in my handbag now too 😀

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