Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill #30 Review

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill #30 Review

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill #30 Review

Now, I think I have half fallen for Inglot.  I would have been head-over-heels provided I got the non-matte lipstick range from them.  I got two pure matte colors from Inglot, but I think those were too matte on me, even though I love mattes. You can check the reviews of those lipsticks here and here.  I have also reviewed a refill lipstick here. This one is my second refill from them.  I have a couple more and I can’t wait to buy more refills and the regular range lipsticks priced at Rs. 680, which I know will be way better than those matte ones I got 🙁

Peach Lipstick 1

Why I like these refills is for the simple and straight forward reasons such as the price and the quantity which I am confident I will finish considering the number of lipsticks I have, and also the cute tin pot which I can make a palette of.  The biggest reason being the array of shades they offer.  You really need to have a great memory to make a mental note of your wishlist when you leave the store.  I remember the shade 20 which I need to get next 😛

Peach Lipstick 3

Now, considering these are priced at Rs. 250 each for a tiny 1.2 grams, many girls I know who wear lipstick too sparingly, would like to put the money in a full lipstick like a Maybelline lipstick.  For me, I think I would want to finish some good amount of lipsticks and hence these are a great deal for me.

Peach Lipstick 2

This shade is actually a soft coral, I don’t know why it looks like a nude in the picture.  Since I have applied it with the finger, it has gotten lighter.

The lipsticks are pure luxurious, saucy creme lipsticks.  I haven’t come across any matte in the few I have, but all of them are pure crème lipsticks, which make for a luscious lip.  I totally adore crème lipsticks and even when I choose matte finish, they need to be creamy 😛 These ones don’t go on matte, at least this one.  The finish is glossy and luscious.

Peach Lipstick 4

The texture is medium to thick and this will be a dry-lipped girl’s dream lipstick for sure.  These pots last two hours on me when applied lightly. I have applied this one with my finger tip in the picture and you can see the shade lightens itself when applied like that. You can try applying them on a matte base like the Inglot matte lipsticks.  These fade away beautifully and don’t stain at all.

Pink Lips

Considering you might need a brush to apply this lipstick, this will not be your best partner in your hand bag.  Despite this, the shades and the finish is so tempting that if you buy this once, you will go back and get more.

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    1. i have applied it with finger and hence it is spread out like i said
      closer to the swatch
      makes a hell lot of diff when applied with brush 😀

  1. I think these are great for trying new shades… 250 wont hurt the pocket at all… And if u dont like it , u can still finish it soon n not worry about it getting wasted either… 🙂 And if u like the shade… can buy the full lipstick… I like these refills 🙂

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