Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 433 Review

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 433 Review

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 433 Review

Keeping up the Inglot spirits, I am sharing the eyeshadow that I bought last weekend. I have been trying it out for the review, even if that means trying it indoors :P, but I need to get to know more about the product before I review it. Apart from the matte lipsticks and refills, I got this single eye shadow refill priced at 300 rupees.

When I asked the lady at the store to show me some nice wearable shades.  The first word she told me was “antique gold” and that’s what made me go weak in my knees. So, I swatched a lot of khakis (my favourites), some golds, some golds and then some antique golds. This one was a clear winner because of its finish, some glamour and yet very wearable and subtle for a gold. I love such dirty golds 😛

Pearl Eyeshadow in 433

This one is a pearl one, so it has a gorgeous soft pearly finish, something that I totally like.  I am more into metallic and pearl shadows than say glitter or pure matte. I feel if you wear as a single pearl shadow and top it off with eye liner, you are good to go, rather than use matte, which for me might not work most of the time.

Pearl Eyeshadow in 433

The color is one of the prettiest golds, or antique or dirty golden shades I own. This can be worn with ease by Indian skin tones without having to worry about over-the-top feel. This also goes very well with other shades of green and blacks and I think a black liner or kohl would complete it.  For the picture, I have used kohl and some green and black eyeshadow to make the mess you can see 😛

Green Eyes

Olive Eyes

The texture of the shadow is very soft.  I won’t say so soft that it crumbles, but just the exact softness it needs to be picked up. There is absolutely no fall out and the powder is very finely milled. It blends and glides well and very silky to feel as well.

Gold Eyeshadow

On its own, this eyeshadow looks very complete. Say you were to wear this shadow without a liner or kohl, it might make you look ill.  On the contrary, this can also be you party wear due to such a soft gold sheen to it. All in all, most of us, I would say would fall for this shade.

Gold Eyeshadow

Gold Eyeshadow

The wear of this shadow is great I must say. I wore it without a base and on my oily eye lids, it lasted me 4 hours easily without creasing.  On a base of brown or concealer, it lasted me 5 hours plus, which is great for me.

Last Word on Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 433:

A great color, good finish, texture and staying power for a single eyeshadow priced at Rs. 300! I am definitely getting more of these refills.

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  1. Love your eye make uo Neha. Its just breath taking. and i am definitely getting this eyeshadow. Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. neha- hats offf!!!! totally gorgeous . 🙂 I think I am totally falling short of words. This would be my fav eye makeup look so far and heck, i am going to try it. 😀

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