Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 402 Review

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 402 Review

Dear Beauties,

I am back with another review of Inglot eyeshadow and today its gonna be “402 Pearl.” I am a huge fan of Inglot eyeshadows and this is no news for you all.  I truly believe their eyeshadows are comparable to high brands in terms of performance, staying power, and texture. So, let’s get started!

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 402 Review

Inglot Eyeshadow 402 Pearl is a gorgeous taupe color with hints of brown and silver and reminds me a lot of MAC Satin Taupe. In fact, Inglot’s 402 is exact dupe of MAC’s Satin Taupe eyeshadow!

This is one of my all-time favorite eyeshadow and perfect for everyday neutral look. Its a gorgeous all over the lid color and has a beautiful finish. The texture is buttery smooth and highly pigmented! You just need one swipe to show off that gorgeous color.

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 402

The staying power is absolutely amazing and it stays on my eyelids without a primer for 6 to 7 hours and with primer for easily up to 9+ hours, now that’s pretty impressive! The intensity though starts fading after 6 hours, but still, its definitely visible. I have dry eyelids but even though there are a few eyeshadows which do crease on me, this one does not crease at all! Due to its velvety and buttery smooth texture, it blends beautifully.  You just cannot go wrong with this eyeshadow!

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 402

The only problem I see is that it may look a bit dull on extremely dark eyelids and you may need to incorporate some other color to uplift the look, otherwise is a winner!

I so wish Inglot starts naming their eyeshadows instead of numbering because remembering the numbers is highly tedious and honestly a bit irritating to me. Also, I got the square pan which costs same as round refills but has 2.7 gms of product whereas round one as 1.8 gms only, weird, I don’t understand why would anyone go for round refills when for the same price they can get almost 50% more with square pans!

Swatches in different lights

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 402

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 402

Pros of Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 402:

  • Beautiful taupe color and perfect for everyday wear.
  • Buttery smooth texture.
  • No fallouts whatsoever.
  • Blends very easily.
  • Highly pigmented and just one swipe is enough.
  • Awesome staying power.
  • Does not crease at all!
  • Dupe of MAC Satin Taupe 🙂
  • Inglot products are paraben free and cruelty free 🙂
  • Easily available online.

Cons of Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 402:

  • None!

This is how it looks on me, I have used the Inglot 402 pearl eyeshadow all over the lid and just a hint of black on the outer corner to increase the intensity.

Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 402

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 402?

Yes of course! Go and grab this beauty, its definitely a must have!

Hope this review was helpful to all of you, until tomorrow, take care and stay beautiful!

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38 thoughts on “Inglot Pearl Eyeshadow in 402 Review

  1. i have satin taupe.. its the most versatile color ever.. my fav way to wear it is over genuine treasure paint pot.. gives it a diff dimension all over!!!this definitely is a dupe.. wish i had found it before i splurged on satin taupe..

  2. Pari, i m making anote of all the shades u share here..I’m also thinking of trying your DIY i wil make my own set of colors 😉
    but if am gonna hoard eyeshadow stuffs like u do, my mom will defenitely get a shock.. hehehe

  3. wow.. gorgeous color.. looking so gud on u 🙂
    i hv been hunting for satin taupe desperately for the past several months at our local mac store.. bt they r constantly out of stock 🙁
    mayb i will try getting this online instead 🙂 thankys for the review pari 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. the color looks nice on you.. my lids are quite pigmented plus dark circles around.. don’t know how this would look on me

    1. you should definitely give it a try Dipti..i too have extremely pigmented eyelids and it works for me 🙂 try using a neutral eyshadowbase..something like nyx eyeshadow base in skintone

  5. Vowwwwwwwww!! its my favourite colour…. a taupey brown……. i love it and looks great on ur eyes Parita 🙂

  6. yes it is the dupe of satin taupe and I am a fan. I mean just a wash of color and you are set. parita you are totally making me fall in love with eyeshadows again. looks great on your eyes.:))

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