Innisfree Blackberry It’s Real Squeeze Mask Review

By Smriti Gadia

Hey beautiful ladies,

With monsoons in full action, I have started taking care of my skin more seriously. Last week, I reviewed Innisfree Strawberry It’s Real Squeeze Mask. Today, I will be reviewing an another variant from Innisfree. I had read some good reviews about this brand, so I wanted to try all its variants. Luckily, I got many variants that I will be reviewing in coming days. Today, it is about Innisfree Blackberry It’s Real Squeeze Mask.

Innisfree Blackberry It’s Real Squeeze Mask

Product description:
It is a microfiber mask infused with the goodness of blackberry extracts.

100 INR for 20 ml.


pack flipside

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My Experience With Innisfree Blackberry It’s Real Squeeze Mask:

The packaging of the sheet mask is simple and cute. As I got blackberry mask, blackberry pictures were imprinted on the front. Though, it is a Korean brand, the instructions and details are imprinted in both English and Korean languages.

tear open packet

There is a cut provided to tear open the pack easily. However, you have to make sure that you do not tear the mask in the process as the mask tends to settle upwards. Each pack contains one mask which can be used only once.

The sheet mask is soaked in white color serum which is not less or excess in quantity. The mask are easy to apply on the face. The smell is very heavenly. The mask has to placed on the face for roughly 20 to 25 minutes, so that the face can absorb the serum properly.

sheet mask

I cleansed my face first and then pat dry. Next, I took the mask from package and spread it evenly on the face avoiding the eye and lip areas. The mask fitted me properly on the face except the nose area. After keeping the mask for 25 minutes, I removed it and felt a layer of serum on the face. I massaged the serum on my face in circular motion and then left it for 5 to 10 minutes.

Now, coming to the after effects of the mask sheet. I thought, it would work similarly as my previous mask. But to my surprise, it was a bad experience. Apparently, I maybe allergic to blackberries as my face lead into breakouts after 2 hours. My skin was bright but the effect was not as my strawberry mask.

opened sheet mask

Pros Of Innisfree Blackberry It’s Real Squeeze Mask:

  • Skin was bright.
  • Effect lasted for 2-3 days.
  • Contains more natural ingredients than chemicals.
  • Smells amazing

Cons Of Innisfree Blackberry It’s Real Squeeze Mask:

  • Got pimples after 2 hours of application
  • Feels really sticky after removing the mask.

IMBB rating:
3/5(just for the smell)

Would I Recommend Innisfree Blackberry It’s Real Squeeze Mask?
Avoid the mask if you have an oily skin like me. I was surprised to find that how a mask can have such extreme effect on skin. I was disappointed with this blackberry mask.

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