It’s Skin Mango White Peeling Gel Review

Skin type: dry and occasionally acne-prone
Skin tone: fair with neutral undertones

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All of us suffer from problems of dead skin cells. We usually scrub our face or go to salons for a face clean-up or facial to get rid of them. But what about the effect of coarse granular particles of a face scrub? For those of you who have sensitive skin, face scrubs are way rougher than the skin can handle. But don’t worry there are other solutions which can be done at home easily. It called ‘Peeling Gel’. Since I have never used a peeling gel before, I was sceptical about using it. Peeling gels are basically physical exfoliators that use soft fibres which are gentle compared to harsh face scrubs containing hard scrubbing grains. This gel peels off dead skin cells for a smoother and brighter skin. After doing a lot of research on peeling gels, I finally decided to grab one. Today’s review is about ‘It’s Skin Mango White Peeling Gel’. Read further to know how well this product helps in removing dead skin cells.

It's Skin Mango White Peeling Gel Review

Price: $4.46 (INR 790) for 120 ml
Product Description:
Mangosteen scented peeling gel which contains extracts from exotic tropical fruit mangosteen and mulberry that keeps the skin bright and lucid. This peeling gel is formulated with Mangosteen, Papaya and other Herbal extracts and it is lightly scented. It effectively peels and manages old keratin without causing skin irritation.

It's Skin Mango White Peeling Gel Ingredients

Directions for Use:
• Wash face and wipe dry.
• Dispense appropriate amount of gel and apply evenly over entire face.
• Gently rub and massage in a circular manner for approximately 1-2 minutes.
• Wash with lukewarm water thereafter.

My Experience with It’s Skin Mango White Peeling Gel:

It’s Skin Mango White Peeling gel is specially formulated with mangosteen, papaya, apple and other herbal extracts. Mangosteen is an exotic tropical fruit which is loved by numerous scientists all over the world. It contains Xanthones which has antioxidant properties of Vitamins C and E thus helps to get a renewed skin. Without going much into the biological details, let’s get started with the product packaging.

It's Skin Mango White Peeling Gel Back

This peeling gel comes in a baby pink coloured plastic tube which has a flip-open cap. The tube is quite big in size and you get sufficient product at this price tag. On opening the flip-open cap, there is a tiny hole that dispenses the right amount of product. The product inside does not come in direct contact with your fingers and hence there are no hygiene issues. You have to handle the flip-open cap carefully while travelling otherwise it might break. All the product details, directions for use and ingredients are written in Korean. Overall, the product is sturdy and travel–friendly.

Product Colour and Scent:
The peeling gel is baby pink in colour and has a gel-like consistency. When applied to the skin, it would mostly look like white gel. The smell is heavenly and very soothing to the senses. The fragrance is of tropical fruits and the product smells very natural. Made from a blend of mangosteen and other herbal extracts it has a sweet fragrance which is not at all bothersome for me. This fragrance does not linger around after you have washed your face. I’m sure it will not be a concern for people with sensitive noses too.

It's Skin Mango White Peeling Gel Cap

The peeling gel has a thick texture and it contains tiny red granules which feel non-coarse on the skin. After applying the peeling gel, these granules disappear quite fast to get absorbed into the skin completely. Unlike a scrub, they don’t feel rough. You will experience a gentle dead skin cell peel off treatment. Especially for people with sensitive skin who love to exfoliate but don’t prefer scrubs, peeling gels are an instant solution.

How I Use it:
Usually, the first and foremost step is to cleanse the skin properly. I use a mild face cleanser to thoroughly clean my face and neck. Following this, I take some peeling gel and gently massage it on the face and neck. Let this remain for a minute or two. This ensures that the dead skin cells get loosened up. After massaging you will notice soft white clumps getting accumulated on the skin. In the end, I wash my face with lukewarm water.

It's Skin Mango White Peeling Gel on Skin

Well, I must say I loved using this peeling gel. From the very first application, I began noticing the results. It left my skin so soft and moisturised. All dead cells are gone and my skin feels renewed. It even brightened and lightened my skin to a great extent. This effect lasts for about 4-5 days. With frequent use, you will notice smoother, softer and more hydrated skin. It does not leave any residue or dry feeling after usage. It truly lives up to the claims of removing dead skin cells. In comparison to face scrubs, this was easier, gentler and so much more effective.

I am completely a peeling gel fan now. I have no complaints about this product and I have found the best substitute for a facial scrub. I will recommend the readers to go ahead and buy this product to feel the difference.

It's Skin Mango White Peeling Gel Swatch

Pros of It’s Skin Mango White Peeling Gel:

• Travel-friendly
• Made from extracts of mangosteen
• Easy and more gentle compared to the facial scrub
• Leaves skin moisturised
• Peels off dead skin cells effectively
• Makes skin soft and supple
• A sweet tropical fruity fragrance that does not linger around
• Great for sensitive skin
• Does not leave any residue or dry feeling post usage
• Brightened and lightened the skin

Cons of It’s Skin Mango White Peeling Gel:

• None for me

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase It’s Skin Mango White Peeling Gel?
Certainly, yes to both.

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