Johnson’s Body Care Vita-Rich Brightening Body Lotion Review

By Neha Saxena

Hey lovelies,

Moisturizers are the holy grail for me as I suffer from dry skin throughout the year and I’m always in search for a moisturizer that hydrates my skin for quite a long time. Though I usually keep myself away from skin lightening and brightening products but this time I purchased this body lotion by Johnson’s as it claims to contain “pomegranate flower extract” which serves the purpose of anti acne and anti ageing. So let us find out does it really works as it claims?

Johnson’s vita rich body lotion

The new JOHNSON’S® VITA-RICH range is made with skin-loving natural ingredients that each provide your skin with a unique benefit. The uniquely rich formula of extracts and moisturizing glycerin within every Vita-Rich product nourish and nurture your skin, leaving your skin looking noticeably healthier, and feeling softer, and smoother.

Johnson’s vita rich body lotion

Price and Quantity:
QAR 15 for 250 ml

Shell Life:
12 Months

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Johnson’s vita rich body lotion

My Experience with Johnson’s Body Care Vita-Rich Brightening Body Lotion:

It comes in a beautiful contrast of white bottle and pink cap packaging. The slim oval shape opaque bottle consists of pink flip open cover which shuts into place preventing the product from spilling. It really makes it travel friendly. The bottle needs to be squeezed to take the product out.

Johnson’s vita rich body lotion

The color of the crème is white and has thick gel type consistency. It gets absorbed into the skin within no time and leaves the skin soft and supple with little glossy effect. I apply this product once in a day after bath and believe it provides moisturization throughout the day.

I think we Indians are blessed with beautiful dusky color skin but still Indians indulge in different activities of making their skin light and bright. Anyway lets get back to review as everyone has their own choice. Generally skin brightening products doesn’t attract me but the body lotion’s pomegranate flower extract content caught my eye.

Johnson’s vita rich body lotion

I really like its fragrance which is mild and has a floral sweet smell. Regarding its moisturization, it does pretty well throughout the day, I don’t feel the need to reapply the moisturizer even in dry winters.

Moreover, I have noticed the pimple scars and pigmentation on my cheeks has gone away completely. This is really like a miracle that has happened to me. I must say ladies! If you have pigmentation on your skin and need hydration for a long time, go and grab this product, it really worked for me!

Johnson’s vita rich body lotion

Johnson’s vita rich body lotion

Pros of Johnson’s Body Care Vita-Rich Brightening Body Lotion:

  • Hydrates skin with sheer glow.
  • Doesn’t feel oily and patchy on the skin.
  • Has a sweet and mild floral fragrance.
  • Fast absorbing.
  • Fades away the scars and pigmentation.
  • Perfect for everyday use.
  • Comes in an attractive packaging with flip open cover.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Pomegranate flower extract content is really beneficial.

Cons of Johnson’s Body Care Vita-Rich Brightening Body Lotion:

  • Availability in India.
  • Doesn’t contain SPF in it.

IMBB Rating:

Would I repurchase/recommend Johnson’s Body Care Vita-Rich Brightening Body Lotion?
Yes, always and I would recommend it to all the ladies out there. It comes in different variants like papaya, wild berries, rose water extract and I would like to try all these out.

My verdict: The product is really amazing and works the same as it claims, It is meant for all skin types and is really gentle on skin.

Happy summers and take care!!

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