La Prairie Sun Protection Face Emulsion SPF 30 Review

Skin Type: Sensitive, Combination

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Today, I am here to share my views on La Prairie Sun Protection Face Emulsion SPF 30. It is a luxurious moisturiser which nourishes the skin and at the same time protects and guards the skin against damaging UV rays. To know more about this sun protection emulsion in detail, kindly continue reading.

La Prairie Sun Protection Face Emulsion SPF 30 Review

Price: £84 for 125ml
Product Description:
A product developed specifically to help protect and nourish the most exposed part of your body, your face. La Prairie Sun Protection Emulsion SPF 30 helps guard your skin against potentially damaging rays from the sun as it moisturises and energises. Contains anti-oxidants to help protect skin from premature ageing effects.
It comes packaged in a sturdy cream coloured tube with a screw-on cap which also has a flap and there is a small outlet inside the flap. The packaging can be considered travel-friendly. This sturdy tube came packaged in a silver coloured cardboard box.

My Experience with La Prairie Sun Protection Face Emulsion SPF 30:

I had picked up this emulsion last year in October and was using it quite often; it was suiting my sensitive and combination skin very nicely. Then summers approached and I stored it away. This time, I decided to experiment with this product in hot summers so that I could share my views with you all. So, let’s begin! It’s a rich, white coloured lotion which feels soft and smooth. It gives a good coverage and protects the skin. After application, my skin seems flawless and a shade brighter. Once absorbed, the emulsion does not feel oily, but it is a rich lotion. It cannot be applied near the eye area since it causes a burning sensation. I apply it all over my face, avoiding my eye contour (mainly the eyelids). Instead, I use la prairie sun protection stick spf40, which I have already reviewed for you all.

La Prairie Sun Protection Face Emulsion SPF 30

It cares, protects, moisturises and nourishes my facial skin very nicely. When used regularly, the effects and benefits are much better. Also, it protects the skin from premature ageing, and my skin feels soft, supple and nourished. And a shade brighter too. The effects stay for a day or two. The only drawback with this emulsion is that if I try to use a foundation over it, the foundation tends to feel cakey and does not set well. A powder base compact is fine, but that also sets well if applied with a brush with a light hand instead of a sponge. After spending some time in the sun, it disappears from the nose area. This could be due to extra oil secretion in hot summers since I have a combination skin which tends to become oily in summers and dry in winters. Also, it causes a slight tingling sensation when applied on my sensitive skin, but does not cause any irritation. I had no issues when used in autumn and winters.

La Prairie Sun Protection Face Emulsion SPF 30 Packaging

However, when I tried using it in summers, I had one or two breakouts. I would not give this emulsion all the credit for these two bumps but I have my doubts. I personally find it a bit too rich and heavy for summer wear. Well, next month this sun protection emulsion will be on my regular use list, along with the sun protection stick. Even though the company says that it’s a lightweight formula, in my opinion, it’s very rich and not advisable to be used during summers, especially by oily skin types. Being a high-end product, it is very expensive; but, believe me, a little goes a long way. Normal to dry skin types can use this emulsion if your skin is not prone to acne. Sensitive skin types can give it a try and decide; it does suit my sensitive skin well.

La Prairie Sun Protection Face Emulsion SPF 30 Swatch

Pros of La Prairie Sun Protection Face Emulsion SPF 30:

⦁ Moisturising sun protection for the face.
⦁ Has antioxidants which protect the skin from premature ageing effects.
⦁ Contains emollients and keeps the skin moisturised and nourished.
⦁ Lightweight formula.
⦁ Suitable for normal to dry skin types.
⦁ Sturdy and travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of La Prairie Sun Protection Face Emulsion SPF 30:

⦁ Not ideal for oily and acne prone skin, in my opinion.
⦁ Not suitable for summers.
⦁ Price could be a con for some.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase La Prairie Sun Protection Face Emulsion SPF 30?
Yes, I do recommend. You can consider depending on your skin type and the weather conditions. I may not repurchase due to the price factor.

Thanks and cheers!

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