Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Review

For me Kajal is a necessity but lipgloss is the most loved product in my makeup kit. I love how pretty it makes me feel and I think applying lipgloss is the quickest way to increase your glamour quotient.

Being a college student, I can’t afford to experiment a lot. So if I hate a product, I am still stuck with it. I have never been very lucky considering only Lakme and Streetwear were the brands under my budget. The Lakme lipgloss though pretty didn’t give me enough colour. The Streetwear lip gloss still gives me nightmares (horrible odour and taste).I realized that it was time for me to increase my budget!!

I had first tried out the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss at a friend’s place. I instantly fell in love with the colour, texture and everything about it. A quick web search followed and I came to know that this is one of the most loved drugstore lipgloss. So was my quest for the perfect lipgloss coming to an end? (Ok, I know I am too dramatic but I was desperate!!) I was a bit skeptical about spending so much on one product but I figured out that

In terms of price, 3 Lakme/Streetwear lipgloss=1 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss but in terms of quality, 1 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss >>>>>>3 Lakme Lipgloss >> Streetwear Lipgloss So, on my next shopping trip I bought home two shades of this lipgloss. Revlon Lip Gloss What does Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss claim?

  • Glossy formula combines sheer color
  • Intense moisture
  • Light-reflecting spheres to create amazing shine
  • SPF 15
  • To sum it up – Silky…Sexy…Brilliant !!

Expert Tips from Revlon: Apply directly to lips for a sheer, high-shine look or over lipstick for a more intense lip look.

Price: Rs 385/- for a 5.9 ml bottle (bought about 6 months back)

Packaging: It’s a transparent glass (?) tube with a square bottom. It has a soft sponge applicator which is pretty much perfect. Overall the packaging is sleek and super sexy. But I have a bit of a problem with one of the bottles so I think it might be defective. Sometimes a little gloss spills over to the sides (not outside the bottle, just outside the rim) when I close the cap and it gets a little bit messy. I don’t have any such problem with the other bottle. My Experience:

  • I love the consistency of this lipgloss. Its non sticky, glides on like a dream and gives a mirror like sheen to the lips.
  • It doesn’t have any peculiar smell (not strong if any).
  • The taste is not strong and doesn’t bother me at all. After a few applications, you won’t mind it either.
  • The colour pay off is quite good for a lipgloss. But the colour does wear off and I have to reapply it (I love that :P) especially after a meal or even a quick bite (so I guess it ain’t kiss proof either :P). But if you are deprived of food (and a bit of kissing), the lip gloss will stay on for hours. It stayed on for about 2 hours and was still fresh but I was too hungry to test it further ( I HAVE to eat something every two hours or so. I just LOVE food. Thank God for an awesome metabolism rate ;)).
  • The selection of shades for this product is amazing. I had such a difficult time zeroing upon one lipgloss so I ended up buying two: Chocolate Frost and Coffee Gleam (both discontinued 🙁 ). Both are decently pigmented.


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Swatches
Left Chocolate Frost, Right: Coffee gleam


Chocolate Frost: I know chocolate and baby this ain’t no chocolate!! I don’t know who kept the name but this shade is definitely not chocolate coloured, it is quite misleading to say the least. It’s sort of pinkish-mauvish-brownish-nude. Ok, I am bad at it… just have a look at the swatches (very close to what the actual shade looks like). It looks very glossy (not shimmery) on lips. I prefer it over the other shade.


Chocolate Frost
Chocolate Frost


Coffee Gleam: It’s a shimmery pinkish brown. I would call it *toffee *rather than coffee. It’s great for night time. The shimmer/glitter is pretty and not tacky at all. This shade makes me feel oh-so-glamourous!! I prefer Chocolate Frost only because I am not much of a party girl and this is too shimmery for daytime.


Coffee Gleam
Coffee Gleam


*Things that I love about Revlon Super Lustous Lipgloss:*

  • Non-sticky
  • Tasteless and odourless (to me atleast :P)
  • Silky smooth and extremely moisturizing
  • Very glossy and gives a mirror like shine
  • Available in very pretty shades

Things that I don’t love about Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss:(This section was immensely difficult to write but I have come up with a few things)

  • Price (not a problem for most of you here!!)
  • Packaging ( Benefit of doubt again)
  • Wears off if you eat (but they don’t claim to be non-transferrable )
  • Misleading names (gotcha!! finally one *valid* negative point.. hehe)

I am in love with this product and I highly recommend it. I will definitely buy this lipgloss again and I already have an eye on some of the shades : Nude Lustre, Cherries in the glow (supposedly has some sort of a cult following), Glossy Rose.

IMBB Rating : :star: :star: :star: :star: + 0.5

Have you tried Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss?

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53 thoughts on “Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Review

  1. Hey Urmi….very nice review n you have reallly nicceee lips 🙂

    I am more of a lipstick person than lipgloss but I guess I shud try atleast one of these now…heard so much abt it now…one of my friend uses this regularly

    1. thank you 🙂
      I generally prefer gloss cuz of less pigmentation and none of the girls around here uses lipsticks 🙁 so i wld feel totally out of place if i use one.

    1. checked out your blog
      My reason for preferring gloss over lipstick is the same as your not wearing red lipstick 😛

  2. oooooh!! i saw at the shop last day and like u i am in school and can only afford lakme or streetwear lipglosses and i am a total gloss gal too but i thought that if it isnt good enough then i would just be wastin my money but after your i will definetly check it out…..and BTW if u are a northie u should definitely check out colorbar juicy candy lipgloss..i got it from rati’s sale a while back and it is awesome and smells lipsmacking too…and there is one in the second sale too in the shade carmel toffee…. may b you can buy that…….i love it!!

    1. Gal, I can totally understand your pain! I am a northie but my college is in hyderabad… guess colorbr is not available there. My sis stays in delhi… so i might ask her to bring me some colorbar goodies 😀

  3. I got a burning-itching feeling around my lips every time I used this. My friend happily took it off me, and she doesn’t have any problem with it 🙁

  4. Hi Urmi,

    Welcome to IMBB. 🙂 I am more of a lipstick person and barely have two glosses but they look very tempting. Glad you are enjoying them. 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 My di’d wedding is coming up so I have to buy her lipsticks (and a few for me too!) as lipgloss has really less staying power and is not suitable for a wedding party etc. Can you suggest some long stay lipstick that is moisturizing too. I’d prefer the lipstick to be under 500 inr

  5. Hey Urmi.. i have this in the shade Glossy Rose and im already on my second tube.. Its awesome as you say but it kind of smells like sweet cough syrup to me but it doesn’t bothers me much.. bcos once something is on my lips i cant smell it much..!!

    Also dont know whether yo have noticed or not the pigmentation on this one fades very uniformly.. and after like some time the pigmentation is gone and you are left with the gloss..!!!
    But this really has awesome staying power..!!

    1. After streetwear lipgloss this smell doesnt bother me much… infact i think i noticed it only when i first used it. and yeah if smell the bottle ( i tried now :P) it does smell like that but on my lips it doesnt feel a thing! i always end up reapplying the gloss so never ended up with clear gloss 😛 might try now

  6. urmi you have such balanced lips , very nice
    you girls are so good at carrying off glosses
    so pretty really…..
    great post

  7. Hi Urmi,

    Very nice blog… n very nice colors… specially the Coffee Gleam shade.. very tempting … :inlove:

    1. it is… i meant to buy only chocolate frost (the shade i tried on at my friend’s place) but ended up buying ‘coffee gleam’ too

  8. this is probably the only gloss i had that i used up completely before throwing away. i didn’t use it up coz i loved it so much, but because the quantity of the gloss was suspiciously very little. also, i had to use a lot at a time because the gloss/shine simply wouldn’t show up. also, the glitter snagged my lips many times. anyway, the babies you have look quite nice. nicer than the one i had! maybe they changed the formula. i’ll probably pick up one in the near future. i’m gravitating towards glosses again after sticking to lipsticks for months.

  9. Oh these babies were my love once upon a time..I really really used to like ’em..but somehow I haven’t got one recently. I guess I’ll have to buy one soon 🙂

  10. hey can someone tell me where to buy colorbar stuff in mumbai? and how much does the juicy candy lip gloss of colorbar cost??

    1. juicy candy is 199 rs and colorbar is available at big bazaar and life style and pantaloons and if you want to soak your self in colorbar….read this reveiw on ten favorite colorbar lipsticks

      and juicy tube is on sale too….
      hope i helped aakriti! :-))

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