Lakme Sun Expert After Sun Skin Lightening + De-Tan Face Mask

Lakme Sun Expert After Sun Skin Lightening + De-Tan Face Mask

Lakme Sun Expert After Sun Skin Lightening De Tan Face Mask

The “Sun Expert” range from Lakme is pretty attractive and all those who won our “Comment To Win Lakme Goodies Contest” are really lucky.  There are 7 products in this range:

There are 7 products in Lakme sunscreen range :

  • Lakme Sun Expert Lotion SPF 50 PA +++ (normal to dry skin). Review HERE.
  • Lakme After Sun De Tan Face Mask.
  • Lakme Sun Expert SPF 30 PA ++ UV Lotion (normal to dry skin).  Review HERE.
  • Lakme After Sun Gel.  Review HERE.
  • Lakme Sun Expert SPF 30 PA ++ UV Lotion (oily skin).  Review HERE.
  • Lakme Sun Expert UV Lotion SPF 24 PA +++.  Review HERE.
  • Lakme After Sun Face Wash.  Review HERE.

I want to try each and every product in this range, especially the face wash and the after-sun gel.  I got a chance to review Lakme After Sun De-Tan and Skin Lightening Face Pack.  After using it for a couple of times, here’s my review:

De Tan Face Mask

Product Description:

New Lakme Sun Expert After Sun Skin Lightening Face Mask is an easy rinse-off mask that helps visibly lighten your sun tan and correct sun damage giving you fresh, glowing skin!

  • Clay based mask helps lighten skin tone with regular use.
  • Cucumber and lemongrass extracts are known to lighten sun tan, even skin tone, and correct blemished skin.


Rs. 150 for 50 g.



How To Use:

Apply on your face evenly and massage in a gentle circular upward motion.  Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse off.  For best results, use once a week and top up with Lakme Sun Expert After Sun Skin Lightening Gel.

My Take on Lakme Sun Expert After Sun Skin Lightening + De-Tan Face Mask:

I appreciate the fact that Indian brands are coming up with detan packs and after sun skin care products because we do have merciless and harsh summers for around 4 months and products targeted for this period is such a relief.  I have used the detan mask from Lotus Herbals before, but I like this Lakme Detan mask better because the Lotus Herbals Detan Mask stings and anything that stings scares me!

detan face pack

Looking at the ingredients list, I was very happy to see Kaolin clay because my skin likes clay-based masks.

This creamy mask is of quite a thick consistency and is not runny.  It smells of cucumber and I like this particular fragrance.  It goes on smoothly on the face and imparts a cool feeling instantly.  This cool feeling is not alarming or menthol type.  In fact, it is very soothing, but it does not stay long because the mask quickly dries up, say within 10 minutes.  It does not crack up though, it kind of dries up fully and I know that keeping it there for more, won’t do any good!  I would have really liked if it took a little bit more time in drying up!

detan face pack

After rinsing it off, I did feel a refreshing feeling and a “fresh” face.  It was not oily, greasy, and looked a bit brighter, but not to a great extent.  Remarkably, it did not make my skin feel excessively dry or stretchy.  This mask will be best when you apply it right after you are back from being under the sun and it will “lessen” that type of a tan that you have acquired; however, it is ineffective on tans which have been there on the face for over a period of time.

However, since this is an after sun mask, it does work that way in taking care of the skin after it has been under the sun.  I will keep buying it throughout the summer to get that refreshing feeling and also I would definitely get the gel from this range.

Pros of Lakme Sun Expert After Sun Skin Lightening + De-Tan Face Mask:

  • Effective detan mask if applied immediately after sun exposure.
  • Imparts a cool feeling when applied.
  • Contains kaolin which is good for oily skin.
  • Claims to contain the goodness of lemongrass and cucumber.
  • Does leave the skin looking and feeling “fresh.”
  • Does not make the skin overtly dry.
  • Price is right the product.
  • Its a good after sun product and does brighten the face a bit.
  • It does not sting.

Cons of Lakme Sun Expert After Sun Skin Lightening + De-Tan Face Mask:

  • On tans that have been on the face longer, it won’t work.
  • It does brighten the skin, but the results are not long lasting.
  • It will not show any “magic wand” kind of effect on strong tans.
Overall, I think this is a good product for taking care of tans that are recent, but it certainly won’t do anything for your hyperpigmentation or sun-damaged skin, you will have to definitely see a dermatologist and use a sunscreen (pick one from this range) to prevent further damage.

Will I Repurchase Lakme Sun Expert After Sun Skin Lightening + De-Tan Face Mask?

Yes, I will and I will also get the gel from this range.

Do I Recommend Lakme Sun Expert After Sun Skin Lightening + De-Tan Face Mask?

I think I should recommend this mask because if you find rubbing tomato slices on your face after you have been under the sun tacky, you can apply this mask instead.

IMBB Rating:


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38 thoughts on “Lakme Sun Expert After Sun Skin Lightening + De-Tan Face Mask

  1. Sounds pretty decent Jomol….I’ll give it a try now… 🙂

    And I can see you flaunting your greeeen wall again!! 😛 😛 😛 😛

  2. When I was in my teens the only brand I used and trusted was Lakme…grew up and started experimenting with different brands and now i dont have any product of Lakme..Its high time I try some Lakme products again…thanx for the review jomol…

    1. Mrittika, I think Lakme is shaking off the “old” image now. I have found three things that have worked for me from Lakme, the nail paints, the Lakme radiance day cream, and now this face mask 🙂

  3. I am yet to read the review…cant take my eyes off the pics …ur love for greenary is amazing Jomol 😀
    I used the face wash from this range…it’s nice gives a cooling sensation

  4. Jomo, I dunno why am I happy to hear that this works, 😛 😛 Sometimes you do need the cooling effect once you come back home from outside. Especially delhi summers is killing. Would get this jomo . Loved the piccys… :))

    1. Ratiiiii……I love that tanda tanda feeling. I have got that Freeman scrub that cools like menthol, but I hate it, this one is good. You have that cool eye gel mask also na by body shappppp…..:waaaaaaa:

    1. Anshu, I think it is pretty effective in giving a refreshing feeling and that’s why the high rating and it is a good mask, tan or no tan 🙂

  5. Great review, Jomol! 😀 I find this product so exciting! For a change, a Lakme sun-protection product which seems great. I will try this. 😀

  6. great review jomol …i am glad they are coming with more and more things for us high melanin people 🙂 . . i am right now loving the lacto tanclear by nature’s essence . . .

    1. Rashmi……tan clear removed my long-term tans too, but I am scared they use strong bleaching agents because the ingredient list is not mentioned on the pack; however, when I feel I have strong tans, I use lacto tan clear only 🙂

      1. rightt jomol . . me too use it when my tan doesnt go with DIYs 🙂 . . .i remember the IMBB review said ‘suspicious chemical involvement . . lol . . .after that wenever i use it these words echo in my mind 😛

  7. I have a Lakme phobia 🙁 btw I won the lakme goodies.. Using the gel bt yet to use the sunscreens as nothing excpt my HG neutrogena dry touch sunblock seems to work for me..

    1. Leez, I think we have the opposite kind of skin. Neutrogena dry touch block with spf 50 reacted on my skin and gave me a big patch!

  8. Meowwwwww….thanks so much…..its such a pretty yellow colour and I get tanned very easily. So, I have to keep detanning products with me always, will let you know if I come across some good ones 🙂

  9. Good review at the right time jomo, i will buy this for sure.. my skin need these kind of packs now.. 🙂 🙂

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