MAC Colorization Collection : Double Feature Eyeshadow Swatches

MAC Colorization Collection Double Feature Eyeshadow

MAC Colorization Collection includes eyeshadow duos, Zoom Lash Mascara (Review HERE and HERE ) and Technakohl liners ( review HERE )

Price : Rs 1,200/-

Although the names of the eyeshadows are not given but they reminded of a lot of colors from the permanent line.
mac colorization eyeshadow

mac colorization eyeshadow


Double Feature Eyeshadow 5 (left) : The lighter shade is a soft peachy pink but with decent pigmentation and the darker shade is actually the Burmese Beauty eyeshadow from the MAC Fabulous Felines Collection. The darker shade is a duo chrome bugundy with green shimmers. The color payoff is quite beautiful for both the shadows in this duo.

Double Feature Eyeshadow 8 (right) : this duo includes a peachy orange and a dark blusih purple eyeshadow. The peachy shade reminded me of a deeper version MAC soft brown eyeshadow and the darker shade reminded me of Contrast. COntrast however has turquoise shimmers in it. The one in duo bends more towards purple.

Doube Feature 8, Double Feature 5

Double Feature Eyeshadow 3 (left) : A duo of teal blue and a dark cool toned greyish brown eyeshadow. The blue reminded of MAC Haunting eyeshadow and the brown reminded of MAC Concrete eyeshadow . However concrete definitely has better pay off and pigmentation as compared to the one present ion this duo.

MAC Double Feature Eyeshadow 6 (right) : This duo also reminded of the two eyeshadows present in Burmese Beauty Eyeshadow Quad from the Fabulous Felines Collection.  A very light dirty beige  grey and a medium gold bronze – much softer version of MAC Amberlights 

Double Feature 3, Double Feature 6

MAC Double Feature Eye shadow 4 (right) : A metallic teal green and a ochre yellow toned brown. Both the shades swatched well and I liked the duo on its own.

MAC Double Feature Eye shadow 2 (centre) : A duo of neon green eyeshadow and a sheer shimmery greyish black.

MAC Double Feature Eye shadow 1 (left) : A yellowish golden and a purple plum . Plum shade reminded me of Vainglorious from the Venomous Villains Collection.

Double Feature 4, Double Feature 2, Double Feature 1

Swatches :

mac colorization eyeshadow swatch

mac colorization eyeshadow swatch

mac colorization eyeshadow swatch

mac colorization eyeshadow swatch

I quite liked these duos. They are good for the price. Most eyeshadows were pretty pigmented and smooth. The packaging is lovely , nice to carry around.

I personally liked the no 4 and 5 the most.

Which of these Double feature Eyeshadows do you like the most?

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  1. Oh Ratidoo I have seen this collection long here but was in doubt if i should email you a review on something that is not yet in India =/ As i have been or a lurker than commenter nowadays i thought of asking xD O:) O:) O:)

  2. Hm…they’re quite nice! :teddy: But I feel a few could have been a little more pigmented. :))
    Most of these colours are quite unique. :jalwa: I wonder what’s it’s like to work with the neon green. :hihi:
    I toh wouldn’t dream of wearing it. :stars:

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