Marks & Spencer Coconut Body Butter-Review

Marks & Spencer  Coconut Body Butter

Product Claims:

Mature coconuts harvested from tropical coconut palm provide source of coconut oil and can be used to help smooth and protect skin.

Directions to Use:

Massage into your skin with fingertips to hydrate and moisturise.


Not recommended for facial use.

Price & Quantity:

Rs. 600 for 200 ml (For me, it was a gift)

Marks&Spencer  Coconut body butter


marks& spencer coconut body butter ingredients


My experience with Marks & Spencer Coconut body butter

I love to use body butters as my skin is dry and cold weather makes it worse. Normal lotions are not able to keep my skin hydrated for a long time. Hence, my only choice is to use body butters which keep me soft and supple. M& S coconut body butter had been my constant companion during this season. I love the coconut fragrance it has and the way it gets absorbed by my skin. It does not leave any oily residue and I don’t have to worry about oily marks here and there. I don’t feel uncomfortable after application and I feel my skin can still breathe. Let’s see why I love it so much.

marks& spencer coconut body butter 2

What I like about M&S Coconut Body butter:

• To begin with I must say the fragrance of this body butter is to die for. The wonderful fragrance of coconut takes you to some tropical beach and instantly you are in a holiday mood.
• As you all know, it is best to apply body butter/ lotions on wet skin as they get absorbed very well and then you are able to spread them properly too. Same is the case with this one as little quantity is sufficient and it gets absorbed also quickly. Without leaving a heavy film of cream on your skin.
• It keeps my skin moisturised and hydrated till the next bath even in dry winters.
• It leaves a smooth and soft finish on my skin every time I use it.
• It contains Shea butter which is extremely helpful in keeping skin soft and velvety in dry conditions.
• Little goes a long way.
• As you can see in the pictures, the consistency is thick.
• This body butter is not oily
• It reminds me of Bounty bar, awww, love that coconut-ty fragrance it has.

marks& spencer coconut body butter (2)

What I don’t like about Marks & Spencer Coconut body butter:

• The tub packaging is not hygienic.
• Solidifies in winters.
• I am personally not comfortable using fingers to take out the butter from tub.
• Might not be suitable in summers.
• Availability might be an issue.

marks& spencer coconut body butter swatch

marks& spencer coconut body butter swatch

But certainly, I feel M& S Coconut body butter has become an absolute necessity for me in this season and I would recommend all you beautiful gals to try it on!

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