Miyabi Woman by Annayake Eau De Parfum Review

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Our beauty is really incomplete without spraying that favourite perfume. I am almost addicted to perfumes and can’t even imagine a day without smelling good. Ever since I tried a test perfume from Annayake, I have been a big perfume lover of anything that comes from this brand. Annayake is a luxurious cosmetics brand from Japan and is now famous worldwide. Most of the buyers are from Europe, UK and the US and thus you spot them at many perfume stores in these locations. And, their perfumes are a must-have if you do not mind shelling out some extra money.

Miyabi Women by Annayake Eau De Parfum Review1

Miyabi is one of the best perfumes they launched for their anniversary (I am not sure of the year) and the best in my collection too. They have launched both Miyabi Man and Miyabi Woman and they are the best couple ever!! And, how could I forget to write about something so amazing and so here is my review.

Product Description:
The brand Annayake represents a concept of a customized care. Miyabi Man and Miyabi Woman make a new fragrant pair of the Annayake collection. Their compositions are blended perfectly, in a simple but elegant way. The fragrances have the same name which means ‘to follow elegance and tradition’ in Japanese.

She is sophisticated and refined,
In ivory and gold,
Gentle and gracious…
She is Miyabi Woman!
I loved the lines from them 🙂

I purchased this from Paris at a price of 85 Euros for 100ml.

My Experience with Miyabi Woman by Annayake Eau De Parfum:

When I visited the fashion capital for the first time, I had a deep intention of buying myself a perfume that is ahead of all, lasts longer and has a fragrance that mesmerize everyone and my husband. 😉 After testing and smelling, and getting confused with so many perfume tester strips in my hand, I felt I never can select one and then Miyabi caught my attention like smell at first sniff! All I wanted was to smell it again and again! And that I had fallen in love, I just picked this perfume up and I have been in love with it from a long time now.

Miyabi Women by Annayake Eau De Parfum Review3

It comes in a transparent glass bottle with a black tight cap and looks a little bulky. The perfume is sweet, floral, musky, with peach notes and that hint of vanilla that makes it divine. The top notes according to the company is peach, the middle notes being Freesia and Sunflower and the base notes being Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla ,Amber and Tonka bean. But according to me, it smelled more like peachy floral vanilla with musk added to make it a perfect blend. The perfume lingers around your body like your skin and makes you fall in love with yourself, I just cannot stop myself from smelling my wrist when I apply this perfume!

Miyabi Women by Annayake Eau De Parfum Review

If applied correctly, the perfume lasts longer. The perfume is rich and around 2-4 sprays are more than enough. And applied more, it’s at the worst and makes you smell like a fruit salad and turns off everyone around you with its im-your-nose smell. It is very rich and strong at the start, but it gets milder as time passes. Also, Annayake is known for using natural ingredients and it is said that all the fragrances from the brand have 80% natural ingredients that there are no effects. Also, I love to mix it up with a little water and just spray it on my hair to smell fab, and fortunately, it has not caused any issues to my hair till date.

Miyabi Women by Annayake Eau De Parfum Review2

So, summing up:

Pros of Miyabi Woman by Annayake Eau De Parfum:

• It is an elegant, wonderful fragrance
• If you want a more floral-fruit punch that is sweet, this is for you
• It contains natural ingredients and thus is safer
• Can be mixed with your hairspray/water for adding an extra oomph factor (not always!)
• Lasts for a good amount of time

Cons of Miyabi Woman by Annayake Eau De Parfum:

• It is not easily available
• It’s rich and thus the smell would not be liked by many
• It could make you smell like a fruit salad, if applied a lot
• It is loud, rich and strong the first time you apply it and takes time to soften and give the exact fragrance
• Annayake perfumes are costly

Would I Repurchase Miyabi Woman by Annayake Eau De Parfum?
Yes! I love the fragrance.

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  1. Wow the bottle is clean and simple, I am not sure what kinda fragrance is it but from your explanation it seems worth having.

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