Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliator Review

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Today, I am here to share my views about Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliator. It’s a creamy exfoliating scrub that gently lifts dead skin cells to reveal silky, smooth and nourished hands. To know more in details about this hand exfoliator, kindly continue reading.


Price: £14 for 50g
Product Description:
An exfoliating hand scrub enriched with a deeply soothing scent that softens and nourishes your hands and lower arms. Those who want to keep their hands feeling soft and smooth. Ideal for a pampering hand massage at home.
Blended with:
⦁ Rare Alba truffle extract to sumptuously soften skin.
⦁ Warm, earthy myrrh oil.
⦁ Cocooning aromas of nutmeg, olibanum and vanilla.
It comes packaged in a silver coloured tube with a metal coloured screw open cap and an inner plastic cap. This elegant and luxurious tube comes packaged in a silver coloured cardboard box, which has a white coloured inner thick cardboard packaging. The tube packaging is travel-friendly and hygienic.

My Experience with Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliator:

I had purchased two hand care products from the Molton Brown Alba White Truffle range. I have already reviewed Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Treatment, so let’s begin with Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliator. It’s a thick, rich and creamy exfoliator with mild granules. The fragrance is aromatic, musky, buttery, and long lasting. I really relish and love this fragrance. This scrub is blended with rare white truffle from Alba, earthy myrrh oil, aromatic nutmeg, olibanum and vanilla. Truffles are known for their musky, sensuous scent and contain essential fatty acids; when incorporated into beauty products, they help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. They provide hydration and soften the texture of the skin.


Nutmeg is aromatic in nature; an antioxidant, antifungal and anti-depressant. It helps fight skin infections and signs of ageing and maintains a healthy, glowing skin. Myrrh oil is a natural astringent, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. Olibanum also known as frankincense can be attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, disinfectant and astringent. This cream is blended with good-for-skin ingredients and soothing aromas. The granules are very fine and mild, and it is cream based. I gently massage this exfoliator on my hands for a few minutes, as if I am applying a cream and then wash my hands.

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Results are excellent; it thoroughly cleanses and gently exfoliates my hands, leaving them soft, smooth and nourished. In my case, it has helped lighten some dark pigmentation marks on my hand. I do not feel the need to use any cream or moisturiser after using this exfoliator since it is creamy. It does not dry or dehydrate my hands, but pampers and cares. My hands feel nourished, soft and supple. However, when used in combination with the hand treatment from this range, this product gives excellent results. I prefer using this combination when I am doing my manicure at home, with Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Lab which I have already reviewed. I use this exfoliator once or twice a week, as required and when desired. Price could be a con, but a little goes a long way. It’s a luxurious exfoliator which cleanses and exfoliates my hands whilst caressing, nourishing and moisturising.


Pros for Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliator:

⦁ Ultra creamy exfoliating scrub.
⦁ Thoroughly cleanses, gently exfoliates whilst caressing and moisturising.
⦁ Hands feel softer, smoother, nourished and pampered.
Fragrance is soothing and lasts for some time.
⦁ Packaging is hygienic and travel-friendly.

Cons for Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliator:

⦁ None in my opinion.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend / Repurchase Molton Brown Alba White Truffle Hand Exfoliator?
Yes, I do recommend and I will definitely repurchase.

Thanks and cheers!

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