Nature’s Essence Caressence Bridal Glow Face Pack Review

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Wish me luck! Because tomorrow onwards my semester is starting! Here, I am taking a break from continuous studying sessions by writing a review. Today’s product is a face pack which I saw while buying the Elle 18 Lipsticks. It looked so cute. Let’s get started with the review.

Nature’s Essence Caressence Bridal Glow Face Pack

Price: 100 INR for 60gms


Nature’s Essence Caressence Bridal Glow Face Pack

My experience on Nature’s Essence Caressence Bridal Glow face Pack:

Packaging: As I mentioned earlier, I fell for the packaging. It’s super cute. It comes in white and red inverted tube packaging. It has a picture of rose petals on it. I really adore the simple yet super cute packaging. The red pops nicely over the white background. The cap works perfectly fine, opening and shutting with an audible click. The product doesn’t leak out of the tube. It is travel-friendly and I love the packaging.

Nature’s Essence Caressence Bridal Glow Face Pack

The front of the tube says that the face pack contains rose and sandal oil. When you squeeze out some of the product, you see the creamy beige coloured paste. It almost looks like multani mitti face pack that we all use. On rubbing, you feel the silky texture of the face pack. It is to be applied on a wet face, so the product spreads very easily on the face. The pack is thick enough but since we use it on a wet face, the consistency becomes a bit runny and it helps to spread it evenly on to the face. Coin sized amount is needed to evenly spread the face and neck area. I washed the face pack exactly after 10 minutes. On washing with cold water, I found that my skin felt extremely soft and supple. My face looked fresh but just for some time. The ‘fresh look’ did not last much and there wasn’t a visible glow on my face, which disappointed me. I did have quite a few expectations, but this face pack did not fulfil them. :/ Anyway, my skin felt super soft, almost like silk but that too did not last much. It lasted only for a day, and after that my skin felt like it was before I used this pack. Coming towards the fragrance part, this facepack has a distinct fragrance of sandalwood and some rose. It isn’t over powering, and it doesn’t last long.

Nature’s Essence Caressence Bridal Glow Face Pack4

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Nature’s Essence Caressence Bridal Glow Face Pack:

  • Cute packaging
  • Affordable
  • Thick paste, yet super creamy and glides on easily
  • Mild fragrance
  • Doesn’t irritate sensitive skin
  • Makes the skin super soft and supple
  • Gives a fresh look to the skin
  • Easily available

Cons of Nature’s Essence Caressence Bridal Glow Face Pack:

  • Effects do not last longer
  • Doesn’t provide a glow to the face

Nature’s Essence Caressence Bridal Glow Face Pack swatch

IMBB Rating:

Final Verdict:
I would much rather use home made face packs, but if you want to try something new or want to pamper your skin quickly, then I’d suggest you try this because this is affordable and it will give you temporary results. As for me, I’ll use this on days where I’m short of time to make the face pack, this one will come in handy.

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  1. I used to use this sandalwood pack from Dabur or something – it was readymade in a tube like this one 😛 Reminded me of that pack again. 😛 I like the packaging – I might just try this 😛 Great review – I love the smell of sandalwood.

  2. Good luck for your exams 🙂 this seems very easy to use cuz It’s readymade But I really hate the smell of sandalwood ;( But now since I know that face packs come in tubes too, I’ll go n look for another one 😀

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