Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Purifying Apple Review

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Purifying Apple Review

Hi everyone,

The other day I was reading a review about these morning energy face washes here on IMBB and the fact that they were not launched in India. So when I went out to shop and saw these cute little bottles placed right in front of the shelf, i could not resist myself and picked two of these. The energising lemon one has been reviewed by Dee here. I shall be reviewing the other variant which is purifying apple and mainly meant for oily skin. Without more blabbering, I shall move on to the review.

Product being reviewed: Clean and Clear Morning energy Face Wash Purifying Apple.

clean clear morning energizing face wash

What the product claims: Purify your oily skin with this gentle face wash which has Bursting Beads that burst with energy and purifying apple extract. Gives you a burst of morning energy anytime of the day. The rich foam thoroughly removes oil and dirt. It has special ingredients that help prevent common skin problems without over drying. Leaves skin feeling clean, clear and beautiful everyday.

Price/ Packaging/Quantity: INR 95 for 100 ml. It comes in a cute sturdy plastic transparent bottle. The 50 ml bottle is so cute that I picked up the other variant just for the cute little size ( also the smaller empty bottles may come in handy while travelling when you want to take along your favourite shampoo or conditioner) It has a purple coloured flip top screw cap which is sturdy and no problem of leakage or spilling.

clean clear morning energizing face wash

Ingredients: Well, no mention of the ingredients on the bottle. It came as quite a surprise or rather shock to me that there is no mention of ingredients on a face wash by clean and clear which a majority of oily skinned girls apparently use. Quite a turn off here!
My take on the face wash:
It is a very light green coloured liquid face wash which has a runny consistency. Also it mentions about the bursting beads, yes there are these small green coloured beads present in the face wash which can be pressed on to the palm, they are very soft and get smashed easily. A small quantity of the product is required to clean the entire face. After the wash, my face felt squeaky clean without even an iota of dryness. My skin also dint feel stretched as is done by most of the face washes meant for oily skin. My face remained oil free for around 2 hours after which the oil returned. The face wash does not lather much but it is not as bland as Clearasil face wash. Coming to the fragrance, it does smell of green apples though I am not sure if artificial fragrance ( perfume) has been used or it has the real extracts of green apple since there is no mention of ingredients list. The fragrance is very pleasant and does not linger for a long time, once the face is washed there is no artificial fragrance left. Also, it dint break me out even once, i have been using it for a week now. It hasn’t done anything for my existing acne but yes I haven’t noticed any new break out also during the past one week.
All in all, I am quite happy with it, it is rejuvenating, refreshing and makes the skin cleaner devoid of the oil.

clean clear morning energizing face wash

Pros of Clean and Clear Morning energy Face Wash Purifying Apple

1. It makes the face squeaky clean and does not break out.
2. Only a small amount is required to clean the entire face.
3. Mild fragrance and smells of the main ingredient which is green apple.
4. Comes in cute little bottles which can be reused.
5. Does not make the skin dry or stretchy.

face wash

Cons of Clean and Clear Morning energy Face Wash Purifying Apple

1. There is no mention of ingredients list.

Will I repurchase/ recommend?
I am not too sure as no mention of ingredients does make me wonder about the content.

IMBB Rating
4 out of 5.

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34 thoughts on “Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Purifying Apple Review

  1. I saw two more variants too, Berry and lemon 🙂 its very attracting, i will buy any one of these once i finish my current face wash 🙂
    after seeing pictures i thought it was jomol’s review 🙂
    Good review shivani 🙂

        1. N ladies, i have been writing for IMBB for past one year now , you may see my old articles i always take such photograhs….jomol used to say in the past she has taken inspiration from me for such green green pics 🙂

  2. I am not able to see the Writer name if i open the Review or if i click the the link from REcent posts.. (but some few weeks back i was able to see the name even inside the review page)
    I can only see the writer name in the Home page, under product title.. 🙁 is it happening only for me

  3. This variant really looks good.. I’ve used clean and clear before, and it had really reduced my acne during my teen years.. Wanna try the yellow one..

  4. The ingredients are mentioned on the bigger size bottles and not mentioned on the smaller bottles..that’s a strange quirk..

  5. i am currently using it and loving it too. due to the excessive heat and sweating i got some acnes in past few days and it has reduced all that..oh!! and i m using it follwed by fab india’s toner and aloevera gel

  6. i ahve used clean and clear ages back. sounds good for oily skin girls. but no ingredients on the bottle sound weird though! 😐

    1. Ya Rati but neha has mentioned above that the bigger bottle has a list of ingredients, very strange they have not put the same on the smaller size.

  7. clean and clear ingredient list freaks me out . .they are toooooo many !!! i saw the list on scrub and was like wth hoe do they manage to squeeze all these in such cheap price. . .maybe the ingredient list is too long to be accommodated in the smaller bottle !!! Lovely write up shivani 🙂

  8. Nice review Shivani … I am using clean and clear facewash from 6-7 yrs and totally love the face wash 🙂
    But haven’t tried this new one 🙂 once old clean and clear will get over then I will go for this 🙂

  9. i bought the 100ml bottle f diss face wah and it has full ingredient list 😀 many chemical namez as usual..but there were also mentioned grapefruit extract and kiwi fruit extract dat made me feel really happy and fruity!! yay!

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