Nature’s Essence Perfect Papaya Face Wash Review

Nature’s Essence Perfect Papaya Face Wash


Today’s review is about a face wash gel from Nature’s Essence. I love using face washes, I currently have more than 5 face washes lying in my bathroom cupboard and my thirst for buying a new face wash will never end, as I keep on buying them. I bought this cute little, colourfull face wash to carry in my hand bag and its claimed to be clarifying and rejuvenating, so I grabbed it immediately. Read on further to know about my experience completely.


Price-50 INR for 50+15 ml

Claims-Nature’s Essence Magic Perfect Papaya Face Wash, Nourished with the goodness of papaya, the face wash is an ideal deep cleanser to rid your skin of excess melanin and reinstates the natural tone of the skin by weeding out uneven skin tone and lowering melanin content. Ideal for morning and evening usage. Suitable for all skin types.

Directions for use-Squeeze a small quantity of Face wash Gel on your palm and mix with little water. Massage gently over face and neck in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with water. Apply twice daily as a facial cleanser.

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My take on Nature’s Essence Perfect Papaya Face Wash:

The face wash comes in tube type packing with both flip open and twist open cap, the packing is very travel friendly i.e. very sturdy and doesn’t break or open in hand bag. The good thing about this face wash is it worked very well on my oily facial skin and cleansed it nicely without drying it out. The texture is of gel type and the smell too is bit papaya like and pleasant. Only a pea sized amount is enough for the face so even this small face wash lasted for about 3-4 months for me. The face wash doesn’t lather much, as it is so, I don’t have any problem with this ,I don’t believe that cleansing action of any face wash depends on the lather produced by it.

This one is not good in removing makeup, specially the water proof ones, but cleanses oily and dirty skin well, does not give a squeaky clean feel but I am happy with it. It did not dry out my skin, but this may happen with dry skinned people, so be aware. Overall it’s a nice face wash at affordable price and definitely worth giving a try. I feel the claims are a bit untrue regarding the clarifying part as I didn’t notice any difference in this context.


Pros of Nature’s Essence Perfect Papaya Face Wash:

Easily available.
Does the cleansing part well.
Does not dry out my skin


Cons of Nature’s Essence Perfect Papaya Face Wash

Un true claims.
Dosent remove water proof makeup.

Do I recommend Nature’s Essence Perfect Papaya Face Wash?

Yes, this face wash is worth giving a try.

IMBB Rating-4/5

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