NYX Butter Lipstick- Taffy Review

NYX Butter Lipstick- Taffy

Hello senoritas,

Today I am here to review a lipstick from NYX cosmetics, this is my first purchase from the brand. After reading all the lovely reviews of this brand, I really needed to get it and its quite affordable too. So lets see how this one performed for me.

NYXButterLipstick Taffy

Price: 6$

Product description: The unique texture seems to melt onto the lips, giving full, yet lightweight coverage with a luxurious satin finish.


NYX Butter Lipstick in Taffy

My take on NYX Butter Lipstick- Taffy:

Packaging– The packing of the lipstick is quite sturdy and beautiful, The lipstick comes in a coloured plastic bullet which is same as the shade inside. The mid portion of the tube is transparent and the shade inside can be clearly seen. Altogether a beautiful packing for the price.

Colour– It is a light cool-toned pink, sort of a barbie pink colour, looks amazing in the tube, but on the lips it does not give true intensity of its colour, looks more like a pink with lilac undertones. It does not wash out my face, looks quite good on a neatly prepped face. This colour will not suit NC-40 below skin tones, it will tend to wash out the colour from your face and may look very pale. It also tends to look a bit neonish in artificial lightings.

NYXButter Lipstick Taffy

Texture– Just like the name, it glides like butter on your lips, it has a smooth balm like texture and also a slick gel-like nature. But the main issue is, it highlights every little dry patch on your lips. If you are blessed with normal lips, you can be lucky, but for dry-skinned gals like me it can be a nightmare without properly exfoliated lips. Even after exfoliating I could find certain clumpy areas on my lips, which I had to smooth out.

Finish– It gives a luminous and slight glossy finish to your lips right after application and settles down to a satin finish after some time. It also settle into lip lines and gives an uneven finish at times, which I really hate. It is not particularly moisturizing or hydrating but does not dry out the lips either.

NYX ButterLipstick Taffy

Pigmentation and Coverage– It is not a highly pigmented shade, it provides sheer coverage in a single swipe and can be build up to a medium coverage. This shade can be a big ‘nay’ for highly pigmented lips, for light pigmentation it can provide a good coverage up to certain extent. The luminosity of the shade also reveals pigmentation.

Staying power– It has a remarkable staying power, considering so many cons. It stays around 5 to 6 hours with snacking and drinks. It does not transfer much because of the slick gel- like consistency. After a heavy meal it fades in an uneven manner on my lips, which is very annoying.

Fragrance– It does not have any discernible scent.

NYX Butter LipstickTaffy

Overall it is an average product, I love to admire the colour in the tube more, than on my lips. This would look wonderful on normal and non-pigmented lips. I think the dry nature of my lips is causing the uneven finish which is the main issue to the lipstick.

Pros of NYX Butter Lipstick- Taffy:

It glides on smoothly to form a luminous glossy finish and settles down to a satin finish
It has a good staying power around 5 to 6 hours without any heavy meals.
Good sturdy packing which is very travel friendly
Very affordable price

NYX Butter Lipstick Taffy

Cons of NYX Butter Lipstick- Taffy:

It highlights every dry patches on your lips and settles into lip lines, thus giving an uneven texture and to your lips.
There is a tendency to clump together in certain areas of your lips, even after proper exfoliation.
It gives an uneven finish, if not given proper care, which is very time consuming.
The shade does not suit every skin tones, very cool-toned that might wash out your face.
Does not have a great colour pay-off, so does not conceal lip pigmentation very well.
It tends to fade in an uneven manner

NYX Butter Lipstick inTaffy

My rating: 2.5/5. I would recommend this shade to fair/medium skin tones with normal lips and those who does not have lip pigmentation. All others skip it. Darker shades in the range can be given a try.

Would I repurchase NYX Butter Lipstick- Taffy?

Never again, would like to try the darker shades though.

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17 thoughts on “NYX Butter Lipstick- Taffy Review

    1. I don’t knw how it came out so well in the foto, in reality it does not look that, I really tried hard to get that flawless look on my lips, never have taken so much time wearing just a lipstick Sindhu *haan ji*

  1. Another pink *whistle* lovely swatches Jotsna. Even I haven’t used NYX yet *cry* it’s not available in India *cry*

  2. I dont have any of their lipsticks, so want to try them but the good shades are always OOS , will skip this one 🙂

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