How To Make Orange Facial Spray: Do It Yourself

Most of us use facial sprays for the instant freshness and cleanup that it provides.  They rejuvenate your skin and keep your skin hydrated. I have been using the FabIndia Bitter Orange Spray all these days, religiously.  In a few weeks, the summer temperatures are going to rise high.  So, I would like to share a cool DIY. I made a mid-year resolution, that I will eat two servings of fruits a day and oranges were included in one of the servings. I had collected the peels to make the orange peel powder, but I was lazy to get them dried up. So, I decided to make a spray with no chemicals to cool my skin during summers.

Facial spray orange

Here we go:

Things You will Need:


  • Orange peels- eat lots of oranges and keep the peels safe. I had refrigerated the peels in an air tight box.
  • Purified water – I have used RO purified water, to prevent any contamination.
  • Glycerin.
  • Filter.
  • An empty spritz bottle.

How To Prepare:

Boiling Water

Boil the water and drop the orange peels into the boiling water. Let the water with the orange peels boil for a few minutes, say for 10 minutes.

Orange Peel 1

You can see the peels softening. Now, stop boiling and keep the pan closed for 10 minutes for the essences to settle in water.

Orange Peel 2

Now, the color of the water looks yellowish with the orange essence. To this water, add a few drops of glycerin. I have skipped adding essential oil, as it will make my skin oilier.

Orange Peel 3

Let the water cool by itself. Transfer it to a clean spritz bottle. The spray is ready. You can refrigerate and use it.

Orange Peel 4

If you want to have a little flowery fragrance, you can add rose petals or jasmine flowers to the boiling water.

Orange Peel 5

You have your own homemade orange facial spray. The orange peels are equally rich in nutrients as an orange fruit.

There are loads of benefits of using the orange peels.

  • Helps in reducing sun tan.
  • Reduces blemishes.
  • Gives a healthy glow to the skin.
  • Boon to oily skin, helps to control oil secretion.
  • Gives a cooling effect to thirsty skin.

So girls, don’t throw away the orange peels. Eat the fruit, save the peels and make your facial spray and enjoy the goodness of orange extracts.

You may also make the orange peel powder and store it and to make the face spray, just mix it to boiling water and adds drops of glycerin. The orange powder would come in handy when the fruit is easily not available.

I hope this was helpful.  Take care, see you soon with another DIY tutorial.

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20 thoughts on “How To Make Orange Facial Spray: Do It Yourself

    1. thnks Jomol..i dint face any stinging with this one..but FabIndia’s,yes i had that problem..
      This is milder..

  1. thnx for thid DIY , Rama..just wht i needed, i had stored some orange peels, but was feeling too lazy to dry and powder it….can i skip the glycerine part? wht is the benefit of using glycerine?

  2. awesome one rama. I love that fabindia orange spray. I liked the idea of eat lots of oranges to save the peel. hihihih I really would love to try this one. 🙂

  3. Thank u so much dear for this orange spray idea.. am definitely making it before summers arive.. 🙂 keep them coming dear.. I love imbb for so many easy peasy worthtrying diys

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