Philips ThermoProtect Ionic 2200W DryCare Hairdryer HP8232/00 Review

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Today’s review is about the Philips ThermoProtect Ionic 2200W DryCare Hairdryer HP8232/00. Thank you IMBB for sponsoring the product. My current one is not very powerful and I am not satisfied with it. I shall review the old one too so that you don’t buy it. Philips is my favourite brand. I have epilators (2 of them), straightener, and eyebrow shaper all from Philips. Now let’s start with the hair dryer review.


Price: 48.56€
Product Description:
Protect your hair while enjoying fast drying results. This hair dryer has multiple speed and temperature settings. Features ThermoProtect for fast drying at a constant caring temperature and Ionic Care for frizz-free shine. Fast dry at a lower temperature with ThermoProtect with volume diffuser and 14mm styling nozzle.

  • ThermoProtect Ionic
  • 2200W
  • Ionic Care
  • Volume diffuser
  • The ThermoProtect temperature provides the optimal drying temperature and gives additional protection from overheating the hair. With the same powerful airflow, you will get the best results in a caring way.


    My Experience with Philips ThermoProtect Ionic 2200W DryCare Hairdryer HP8232/00:


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    The packaging of the product is really good. It comes in a sturdy cardboard packaging. The hair dryer and other accessories are protected by good padding. The hair dryer is ivory in colour and it gives a clean look to it. I prefer this over black. The power cord is pretty long and it is convenient to move around and work with. The hair dryer is quite handy and comfortable to use. The dryer is 2200W and resemble the hairdryers used by the professional salons. So, you can easily style your hair and get a modern, sassy look.


    There are 6 different speeds and temperatures for you to set. One can select the right speed and temperature depending on the density of hair.
    The Ionic conditioning removes the static charges in the hair making it look frizz free. The hair feels more shiny and glossy. They definitely look healthy after using this dryer. It is also possible to get cool shots using a button. This provides a burst of cold air. During styling, it helps in drying the hair quickly. I prefer this setting when I use a hair gel to set my hair.


    The nozzle is slim and perfect for straightening the hair using a comb. I have got my hair straightened chemically but the newly grown hair is wavy and looks ugly. I use a comb and blow dry it, thereby, slightly straightening the hair.
    There is also a storage hook attached to the handle of the dryer. I do not use it but one can hand it in the bathroom or so. There is also a diffuser available, especially for people with curly hair.


    I guess I will use it in the future when I get bored of chemically straightened hair. The main job of the diffuser is to spread the air blown across the hair, thereby creating volume and reducing frizz. Overall, I am very excited using the new hair dryer. I will try new hair styles and am sure the dryer will make the styling process easier.


    Pros of Philips ThermoProtect Ionic 2200W DryCare Hairdryer HP8232/00:

    • 2200W giving the professional power at home.
    • 2 years guarantee.
    • Cool shot available to set the hair style.
    • Slim styling nozzle.
    • Storage hook.
    • Long power cord.
    • 6-speed selection and temperature selection available.
    • Does not result in frizzy hair.
    • Includes volume diffuser.

    Cons of Philips ThermoProtect Ionic 2200W DryCare Hairdryer HP8232/00:

    • None.

    IMBB Rating: 5/5
    Will I Recommend/Repurchase Philips ThermoProtect Ionic 2200W DryCare Hairdryer HP8232/00?
    Yes. It has a diffuser and its pretty powerful. You can use it for drying your hair every day and also sets your hair while styling it.

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