How To Make Ribbon Earrings At Home-Do It Yourself

How To Make Ribbon Earrings At Home-Do It Yourself

Hey pretty ones! This time it is a D-I-Y from me again, an earring D-I-Y! Last time it was a “Moong Daal and Bay Leaves Earrings“, this time it is with something I always find in my mother’s sewing machine drawer, “ribbons”! That “treasure box” is always full of laces, ribbons and buttons since my granny and my mum are masters at sewing. In fact, we grew up wearing home made dresses more than the ready made ones! 😀 anyway, coming back to the post, these are the things you will need for the earrings:
do it yourself ribbon earrings

1. Satin ribbons. Choose one neon bright shade and another darker shade of the same color family.
2. Earring hooks.
3. Any strong glue.
4. Matching thread.

Step1: Cut our two inch pieces from the ribbons. Make two pieces from the neon one and two from the darker ribbon.
ribbon earrings diy3

Step2: Apply glue to one side of the ribbon and fold it to stick the two ends together.

diy ribbon earrings 4

Step 3: Repeat steps with the darker ribbon piece.

diy ribbon earrings 5
ribbon earrings diy 6
ribbon earrinsg diy 7

Step 4: Now, put a glue drop on the edge of the neon colored loop that you have made, place the darker color over it in such a way that a bit of neon peeps outs from beneath. Now pinch them together like this.

diy ribbon earrings 8
diy ribbon earrings 9

Step 5: Now take the thread and wind it around the pinched ribbons. Keep on winding till it is secured tightly.

diy ribbon earrings 10
Step 6: Now sew the earring hook and again wind the remaining thread around the ribbons and the hook.
diy ribbon earrings 11
diy earrings 12

Step 7: It should look like this!
diy ribbon earrings 13
Step 8: Repeat for the second earring and you are done! Pair it up with white T-shirts or frocks!
diy ribbon earrings 14

This is how it looks on me. I am looking totally tired as I made this after doing “aalpona” ( white version of Rangoli made with rice powder paste) in the entire house for Lakshmi Puja( Bengalis have Lakshmi Puja in the first poonam after Durga puja).
diy ribbon earrings fotd 16

Here is how it looks on me and some “aalpona” pics done by me.

alapona rangoli

Happy Lakshmi Pooja everyone! Keep smiling, keep glowing!

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27 thoughts on “How To Make Ribbon Earrings At Home-Do It Yourself

    1. thanks manisha… u will get these hooks at those crafts shops which sells things like sequins,laces,colored papers etc 🙂

  1. Aps..its such a creative one..i love doign such things..but my sonnie never lets me sit down and do anything.. 🙁
    i click pix for IMBB when he sleeps or wen he is not at home..he is so naughty.
    I wish he grows up soon and helps me, rather than disturbing me..:)

  2. Keep up the gud work…!!!
    we spend a lot on traditional types things like earings and all…
    and see how creative is this homemade work….!!! 😀
    and that pic of yours u looking gorgeous n girly…!!!

  3. oh wat a talented girl u r .ur idea of making de earring is so creative.and ur rangoli glad to meet you through IMBB.

  4. Wow.. idea awesome.. alpana superb! 🙂 u r all founder aparajita..
    It seems u have artistic hand, as per my inference from alpana m sure u are again a maestro in mehandi art n dancing.. 🙂

    1. thank u soooo much sweetheart… ya, i can do a bit in mehandi 🙂 but dancing??? nooooooooooooooooooo! 😉 my hand feet coordination is zero!:D

  5. If i do this job it home how i enter in can u till me please i want do this job to i live in canada b.c please let me no now please

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