10 Saree Draping Tips and Styles for Petite Women

The wedding season is here and it is the best opportunity to flaunt your sarees (or steal a few from mom’s closet). But while wearing a saree, you must consider the prints and draping styles according to your figure. Managing a saree with a petite figure can be a problem at times. If you are short and want to be the fashionista in saree, here are the best tips for you all.

1. Choose the Right Material

The material of the saree is very important as it decides, how the saree will look on you. Choosing lightweight materials like chiffon and georgette helps, as it wraps around the body tightly and makes you look taller. You can also pick pure silk or cotton handloom sarees. Heavier silks, banarasi, cotton dhakai sarees are not generally draped tightly. So, these sarees can make you look heavy and short. However, if you pick these materials, make sure to keep the other points in mind.

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2. Choose Prints and Borders Wisely

Choosing the right print for your body type is crucial. Generally, shorter women are good looking without heavy and big prints. Instead of picking heavy and continuous work on the saree, go for small and discrete prints. It looks elegant and helps to make you look lean and tall. You can also opt for vertical stripes in the saree, as they help to create an impression of height. It is also advisable to choose thin and dark boarders over the heavy and broad ones, as it makes you look bulky and short.

3. Keep the Color in Mind

Dark shades look gorgeous on petite women. A black or maroon saree will look better on a petite woman, over a white one. If you are not ok with a dark saree, choose one with dark print, appliqué or other embroidery work on a light colored saree. Rani Mukherjee is 5 feet 2 inches and she is often seen in black sarees. You can do the math now, right?

4. Pair it with Denims or Fish Cut Petticoat

Skip the age old underskirts and wear shorts or denim pants beneath the saree, if you want to look tall. The traditional petticoats look like skirts and hence it add volume, which makes you look shorter. You can also pick the fish cut petticoats instead of denims for similar results. These choices not only make your stature better, but also help to wrap the saree well around the body, which eventually makes you look taller.

5. Pick the Right Blouse

The right blouse is always important to make your saree look perfect. Firstly, choose something in contrast colors and prints. If your saree is light, pick a heavily embroidered blouse and if the saree is very heavy, opt for a light, monochrome blouse. The blouse should not be too long nor too short. A mid length blouse balances off your height perfectly. The blouse should be well-fitted, as it looks very neat. Pick blouses that are back less or have oval cut, instead of those with high collars. Blouses with vertical stripes also help to make you look tall.

6. The Draping Matters

You can drape your saree in multiple ways and you have to pick the one that makes you look tall. Traditional draping style looks elegant and classy on petite women. If you want to experiment, you can also try Bengali saree draping style, Rajrani saree draping style or the Mermaid styled saree drapes. You can also try the dhoti styled draping, but you will have to make sure that the draping around your legs are tight and neat.

7. Pin up the Pallu

Keeping the pallu open can be a fashion disaster for short women. It is always a wise decision to pin up the pallu. Pleating the pallu in a band and pinning it on the shoulder makes the look classy and neat. It also helps you to flaunt your flat tummy. If you are not comfortable with that, pleat the saree in a little messy way so that, the tummy area is covered, but your hands are free.

8. Wear Some Heels

If you are petite, a stiletto is a great option when you are wearing a saree. The shoe adds some height and accentuates your figure. It helps you to maintain a good posture and adds grace to your look. Try to pick square heels or pencil heels over the wedges. If you want to be bold, you can also opt for heel boots.

9. Choose the Right Jewelries

Accessorizing is very important when you are wearing a saree. Go for bold statement pieces and do not layer many pieces one over the other. If you opt for bold and big earrings, skip the neckpiece and go for bracelets and rings. Try to wear long neckpieces or long earrings, as they balance your height well.

10. Do your Hair Right

The right hair style is must to finish the look in a graceful manner. Back combing the hair helps to create an impression of height. A high bun, a sleek braid or open straight hair looks great on short women. If you want to part your hair, go for side parting instead of one in the middle, as it can make you look short. If you opt for mid parting, try a tight bun or a braid like Alia did in “2 States”, as that adds lot of grace to your look.

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