11 Simple Hygiene Tips To Follow During Your Periods

Period or the way you call it “those five days of the month” do come every month and it is not only necessary to keep yourself clean, but it is also necessary to follow hygiene routine especially during your periods. Your body pushes out the blood waste and hence it is necessary to follow some steps during those five days. During your period, you want to make sure that you feel fresh and comfortable, smell good and keep the infections away. During menstruation you are more prone to get infections and some infections continue for months, hence following some little tips would help a lot. Scroll below to know some simple hygiene tips to follow during your periods to stay hygienic.

Simple Hygiene Tips To Follow During Your Periods

1. The foremost tip to follow is to take bath everyday be it periods or not. It is very necessary to clean the genital area completely since there is a lot of waste that is getting removed from your body. Take a bath with lukewarm water which will help to clean that area perfectly, will help reduce the cramps and also make you feel fresh.

2. It is necessary for you to keep your genital area clean and for that along with water; you also should have an intimate wash. Intimate washes are available in the chemist stores and they help to maintain the pH balance of the vagina area. They do not have any harsh chemicals and do not mostly have scent as well and hence they are perfect to be used for your genital area. It is always advisable to wash that area twice a day and you will immediately feel fresh.

3. You have to make sure that you do not use any kind of scented soaps, shower gels or body washes in that area as it may cause any unwanted infections. If nothing strikes you, then water is the best thing to stick with. And, always wash the intimate area from outside only; do not let any kind of washing agents enter your vagina.

4. Sanitary pads are made up of different materials and if you pick the wrong quality, then the material might harm your skin and give you red rashes. Hence, even if you feel that the price of some sanitary napkins is high, you should always buy good quality ones to avoid any genital complications in the future. Also, always buy a good quality menstrual cup if you use them as they are not disposable ones and are the ones that last really long. Hence you would want to make sure that you get the best one that does not give you any infection. Also, wash the menstrual cups regularly as you would be using them again and again. And if you feel comfortable with some brand tampons, then make sure you stick to them only rather than changing brands frequently and going for the lower quality ones.

5. One thing is always said that it is necessary to change your sanitary napkins/pads every 4 to 6 hours as it may keep your skin healthy, keep the infections away and also keep the bad odour away. If you wear one pad for the entire day, then by the middle of the day you may get irritated because of the bad smell. Hence wash the intimate area, apply a medicated powder and then wear the new pad to feel fresh.

6. It is great to stick to cotton underwear since it is easy to wash them rather than the nylon ones. The best way to keep the odour away is too dip your panties in Dettol and then wash them. Make sure you change your underwear regularly and wear a fresh one each day. If you are prone to heavy bleeding, then make sure you change your underwear twice a day.

7. There might be days, mostly the first two days, when you may face excessive bleeding and hence it is the best to use thicker pads during night. These days brands make thicker and longer pads specially for the night as you may not have the time to change. Also, if you have problem of leakages, then it is the best to have a thick black cloth under yourself when you sleep to avoid ruining the bed.

8. Many women prefer to remove their pubic hair completely or trim them especially during those five days of the month. It makes you feel groomed and does not make you feel extra wet. It also makes it easier for you to wash that area and avoid extra itching or irritation. If you do not go for bikini wax or cannot shave completely, the best way is to invest in a trimmer that is especially used only for the bikini area.

9. Periods at times have a bad odour especially in the initial two days when the flow is heavy. Hence, most of the women prefer to spray some good perfume after taking bath in that area over the clothing. Also, make sure you carry a good perfume in your bag as well to spray when necessary as your body may produce more heat than needed during those five days of the month.

10. Most of the women in India prefer to wear pads, but if you wear a tampon then it is always advisable to stick to pads during the night time and avoid tampons at night. It is said that keeping one tampon stuck for the entire day may create excess of bacteria which may further cause infections.

11. Most of the women are getting educated and using pads instead of cloths that used to be used in earlier times. Not washing those cloths properly and using bad material may cause a life-threatening disease of cervical cancer. Also, it is said that those cloths might cause more bacteria and bacteria might enter the ovaries and cause more of difficulty to conceive. This has not been confirmed by the doctors, but it has always been said that prevention is better than cure.

Followed the above-mentioned simple tips and we are sure that you would feel all fresh and comfortable during your period days.

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