Simple On the Go Hair Fixes

After a late night out you are too lazy to wake up the next morning, right? Yes, this happens with most of us and when you finally wake up, you only have a few minutes to get ready for work. Hurry always invites unwanted obstacles, and in this case it might be your dry frizzy morning hair. Here are a few simple tricks to get gorgeous hair when you wake up in the morning.

 Simple Tips to Wake Up With Gorgeous Hair

1. Rinse your hair a day before

 Simple Tips to Wake Up With Gorgeous Hair

If you know you have a big day tomorrow and you won’t be able to dedicate enough time for your hair maintenance, wash your hair a day before. You can always apply conditioner on the day you want to go out as a final touch up.

2. Use of hair spray

 Simple Tips to Wake Up With Gorgeous Hair

If you feel your hair is still damp use your favourite hairspray to add volume and shine to your hair. However make sure to use this trick on emergencies only as regular use of hair spray may affect the texture of your hair and sometimes lead to hair fall.

3. Braid your hair

 Simple Tips to Wake Up With Gorgeous Hair

The simplest way to get curly and bouncy hair in the morning is braiding them a night before. However since you are braiding your hair at night, keep it a bit loose and pin back your locks so that they don’t disturb you while sleeping.

4. Dry shampoo

 Simple Tips to Wake Up With Gorgeous Hair

In the morning if you feel your scalp looks greasy and oily, use some dry shampoo to make your hair look fresh. Dry shampoo will help to control the excess oil released on the scalp and also maintain your hair till the next wash.

5. An easy braid

 Simple Tips to Wake Up With Gorgeous Hair

If nothing works, braids always work. When your hair looks extremely dry and frizzy, the simplest way to be in style and also hide your sticky scalp is braiding your hair. Keep some the braid messy to complete the look.

6. High Ponytail

 Simple Tips to Wake Up With Gorgeous Hair

You can also tie a high pony tail which looks good and classy everytime. To add a little volume to it you can add some designer or embellished hair accessory. You should know how to pull off the high pony tail trend perfectly to look classy everytime.

7. Messy Bun

 Simple Tips to Wake Up With Gorgeous Hair

The messy bun’s trend is giving a tough competition to other vintage hairstyles. You can add something fun to the bun by securing your hair with a top knot or a colourful scarf. Get the perfect frame in a few minutes by tucking back a messy bun.

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3 thoughts on “Simple On the Go Hair Fixes

  1. I often rinse my hair at night so that I don’t have the pressure to wash my hair the next day 😛 I will try these hairstyles to revamp my look though Thanks Rima 🙂

  2. I used to braid my hair every night when it was long and it would keep frizz at bay, really! Now, I realise it’s difficult to sleep with short hair and take care of it.

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